The winter. To most cyclists it means eating too much and enjoying earned time off. To some it means hellish 15-hour weeks on the indoor trainer, preparing in earnest for next season. But to all of us it means longing for short-sleeved summer rides, spring classics and stronger legs next year. Luckily, just before the off season begins, like the hour before sunset for photographers, there’s a golden time of the year for riding your bike. September, October — right now — the weather’s perfect, and summer fitness hasn’t quite faded away. So go. Ride until it gets too cold or too dark; after it does, revisit the best of our Cycling Issue over a beer with “autumn” in the name and dream of next year’s two-wheeled pursuits.

best-road-bikes-gear-patrol-lead The Best Road Bikes for Every Rider
The popularity of road cycling owes in part to the low barriers to entry (everyone has roads), in part to the variety of awesome bikes available for riders of different skill levels and desired recreation, in part to the rise of the sportive or gran fondo — a cycling event that emphasizes participation over competition — and in part to all the really boss neon lycra. We’ve picked out five great road bikes for all manner of rides, from entering your first century ride with friends to sasquatching a local crit. See More »
red-hook-crit-photo-essay-gear-patrol-lead Photo Essay: Red Hook Criterium
It’s 6pm on Saturday, June 8, and what’s been a very rainy spring has broken just in time for an event best described as a cross between a Formula 1 race and a playful reenactment of the The Breakfast Club: the Red Hook Criterium, Brooklyn Navy Yard edition. We were on hand to document it. See More »
Riding-Reads-Lead-Gear-Patrol-Lead Riding Reads: 10 Great Cycling Books
Cycling and writing have a funny relationship. Look up any pro or experienced cyclist these days and they’ll likely have a blog to vent about anything and everything. Look a little further back in time and you’ll find millions of battered Moleskine notebooks filled with training logs and racing notes. The fact is, the sport houses an excellent library of both training guides and some genuinely compelling prose. We picked our 10 favorite reads in the genre. See More »
limits-opinion-cycling-gear-patrol-lead-ipad What’s With the Bikes?
Just why did GP decide to run a week about bicycling? Limits Editor Jeremy Berger explains — and hints at where we’ll go next. See More »
damon-rinard-interview-gear-patrol-limits-lead 30 Minutes With: Damon Rinard
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to design bicycles. Dammit, nevermind: yes it does. Damon Rinard is one serious bicycle designer. He’s Senior R&D Engineer and Race Engineer for Canadian bike maker Cervélo, the most popular brand at the Ironman World Championship at Kona several years running. We caught up with Rinard to talk about the P5, happy meals and the science of comfort. See More »
best-mountain-biking-trails-gear-patrol-lead-ipad Single Track Mind: The Best American Mountain Bike Trails
Picking our 10 favorite mountain bike trails is like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid: we love them each for different reasons. Still, armed with a Rolodex of memorable rides, we set out to catalog the best of the best. The IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and other groups have been creating mouthwatering single track all over the world as diverse as the styles of bikes in your local shop — and they keep getting bigger, better and longer. See More »