Westerlind-Gear-Patrol Westerlind
Outdoor-minded clothing is too often function or style, rather than a combination of the two. Westerlind aims to correct that trend with their new site, which highlights not just outdoor-centric clothing, but all types of apparel, from underclothes to outerwear, that look great and work well. Even the website itself seems to exude that philosophy, easy to navigate and a pleasure to behold. westerlind.us
Woodford-Reserve-Releases-Limited-Edition-Malt-Offerings-Gear-Patrol Woodford Reserve Limited Edition Master’s Collection
Available next month, this limited run of malts (the “first fully-matured whiskeys crafted from malt in Kentucky since Prohibition”) are triple distilled at 90.4 proof and bottled in glass vessels designed after the stills themselves. Straight Malt will have a richer feel — think caramel, vanilla, fruit and oak — while Classic Malt will boast lighter and sweeter characteristics — chocolate malt, honey, lemon and citrus. $100
Bowoo-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Bowoo Urban Hiker
Made by Bowoo, a brand catering to the “musician lifestyle” (which we can only imagine means living on a tour bus and living no longer than 27 years), this pack is made of water-resistant duck canvas and suede with bright metalwork and magnetic closure, and there’s a requisite padded laptop sleeve inside. It’s ready for urban hiking — which is a lot like commuting, but looks better. $189
Articulate-Instruments-Pens-Gear-Patrol Articulate Instruments Machined Pens
These CNC-milled, unibody writing implements are a far cry from that plastic Bic you’ve got jammed into your shirt pocket. The stainless steel clip is about the only conventional aesthetic detail on these pens, which feature curvy aircraft aluminum bodies with an anodized finish. They take Parker Pen refills and are sure to cause a stir when next you sign a check to make a mortgage payment on your decidedly avant garde architectural dwelling. $30+
Everett-Neckwear-Gear-Patrol Everett Neckwear
Made in Brooklyn, these fashion-forward neckties and bow ties feature rich and bold colors (including at least a couple camo prints) just in time for the fall. The showy, contrasting linings play a big role too — pocket squares in the same patterns are available, making accessory coordination a breeze. $48-$78
Rhapsody-Yachts-Gear-Patrol Rapsody Yachts
Those of you yacht shoppers who have been moping about there not being a mid-size yacht for purchase from Dutch manufacturer Rapsody, cool your jets. The R32 and R38 slot right between the company’s biggest and smallest offerings, so now you’ve got plenty of options. The R32 is powered by a 330-horse Volvo engine and will hit 35 knots. Think speedy and classy. The R38 comes with two Volvo engines and can cruise at over 40 knots. Think speedy and classy. Both are, of course, full to the brim with luxury and all manner of yachty stuff. rapsody.nl
Orley-Lamb-Skin-Gloves-Gear-Patrol Orley Lambskin Gloves
These birdseye jacquard knit tops that pair Italian Lambskin with everything else are available in several eye-catching patterns, all meant to stand out at your next high-class winter outing (what is a winter outing?). They’ll work extra well as a cold weather driving glove too. $295