Update: We have our winners! Congratulations to Arran Cross, Clark Maxwell and Jordan Lee. Reach out to sayhello@gearpatrol.com to claim your straps. Thanks to everyone for entering and don’t forget to pick up your straps (if you haven’t already) at DSPTCH.com

We love photography. Sure, writing about places and products is also our forte, but without photography we’d never be able to convey the real sense of surfing in Bali or trekking across Cuba. Part of bringing these images to you is being in the right place at the right time, but equally important — and often overlooked — is getting the image home safely. After all, what good is a Kenyan sunset if it’s forever entombed in the camera you accidentally dropped out the Land Cruiser window? (It happened.) Our first line of defense against clumsiness is often a sturdy camera strap, and we can’t get enough of the ones from DSPTCH.

Since 2010 the San Francisco-based company has designed rugged, functional camera straps that pair military-spec webbing and Paracord with high-quality hardware. They’re available in a variety of excellent, reserved hues, but we couldn’t help but wonder what a combination of blaze orange and matte black hardware might look like. Neither could DSPTCH — and so we’re pleased to introduce GP x DSPTCH straps in our signature color.

The Standard Camera Sling Strap ($44) is constructed of 1-inch commercial-grade webbing and heavy-duty plastic hardware and will carry all but the heaviest of lens-and-camera combinations in comfort and bold style. Its sling strap adjusts up to 48 inches long, includes a nifty “Gear Patrol” patch and — like all DSPTCH products — carries a lifetime guarantee. The Paracord Wrist Strap ($32) totes smaller cameras with utilitarian ease (any of these will do), and the Paracord Keychain ($24), with a stainless steel clip at one end and a titanium split ring at the other, is perfect for any small EDC accessories. Just like the sling, both announce your presence in a confident, affable aesthetic.

A quick summary. Those who shouldn’t wear: deployed military snipers trying to blend in. Those who should wear: everybody else.

To celebrate our launch we’re giving away 3 complete sets of GP x DSPTCH collaboration. To enter: Follow Gear Patrol and DSPTCH and upload a photo of your camera, or cameras, with the hashtag #GPSTRAP. Be sure to hashtag and follow so we can get a hold of you later. Don’t have Instagram? No problem, just subscribe to the Gear Patrol Newsletter (also called the Dispatch, go figure). We’ll pick three winners (2 for best photos, 1 at random) in two weeks.

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