Etiquette-Mark-McNairy-Boot-Socks-Gear-Patrol Etiquette Clothiers + Mark McNairy Boot Socks
What happens when Italian woolen luxury meets rugged/preppy designs from a lauded American master? Luxurious, attractive boot socks, that’s what. Only a few colorways, all comfy, all handsome. Stick your feet in these — just make sure you’ve got boots that’ll live up to the standard they set. $30 ()
Popularis-Keyboard-Gear-Patrol Optimus Popularis Keyboard
The Art Lebedev Studio churns out hi-tech art pieces that would make the writers at SyFy blush. This ‘board has customizable keys– there’s a small display behind each one, so users can literally design their own layout, or drop in different languages. What’s more, the area between the F keys and numeral keys is also customizable, and can display any manner of pertinent info. $1090

Field Notes Colors: Drink Local Edition
A product that combines writing and beer? Woo! These notebooks bring back everything you love about the original Field Notes — slim profile, smooth paper, solid binding — and add beer-inspired color schemes and quotes. Please excuse us while we get really, really excited. $10
TOPO-designs-x-doane-paper-mountain-briefcase-Gear-Patrol TOPO Designs + Doane Paper Mountain Briefcase
Going to your favorite deep woods observatory? This adaptable, funky-looking briefcase/pack is outfitted for a stylish hike. Carry it as a traditional briefcase, sling it over one shoulder or unfurl the hide-away shoulder straps and get your backpack on. The Cordura and leather body panels provide several compartments for toting needs, and two straps on the long side can cinch up a jacket (or whatever else you’re into cinching). $170
Marshall-Stanmore-Active-Speaker-Gear-Patrol Marshall Stanmore Stereo Speaker
The mid Seventies notwithstanding, classic Marshall stuff is legendary, and that’s why we love this modern stereo speaker. Inside are 40mm drivers, two tweeters and 5.25-inch woofer. It sports the same look as those amps from decades past and can also hook up to your music via Bluetooth. Rock on! $400
Photoshop-Elements-12-Gear-Patrol Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
Are the 650 photos you took at this year’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Family Reunion just a hair shy of professional grade? Fear not! Adobe has you covered. With easy to use editing features, improved photo organization and tablet-friendly portability, you’ll never be without those shots of Aunt Edna falling off her horse. And since you no longer need to waste time editing your photos, maybe take a few extra minutes to reconsider next year’s reunion theme, eh, Kemosabe? $80+
Twelvesouth-Hirise-Iphone-Stand-Gear-Patrol TwelveSouth HiRise For iPhone And iPad Mini
We’re not sure the Romans could have erected a better monument. This stand for iPhone 5 models and iPad minis integrates your Lightning charger cable so that you can power up while displaying your gear. The mount is adjustable, so it should work with just about any case in which your device is clad, and the brushed metal finish and sturdy base will fit right in with your other desktop tech monoliths. $35