Fruitarianism Delivers

Running on Juice


This summer, curious about the benefits of an 80% raw fruit diet, we joined a gathering of Fruitarians in upstate New York at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. That sounds like we made it up, but we didn’t. The weeklong festival gathers Fruitarians from around the world for workshops, exercise classes, and a 24-hour fruit buffet.

Runner’s JuiceIngredients:
2 parts apple
1 part strawberry
1 part watermelon
1 part spinach
All by weight.

Juice and mix, or combine ingredients in a blender and strain.

While we didn’t convert to Fruitarianism (unless the ritual strawberry dance was an initiation), we did meet Chris Kendall, a holistic nutritionist, raw vegan athlete and all-around fruit guru, and tapped him for an easy juice recipe ideal for runners. His suggestion was a combination of apple, strawberry, watermelon and spinach. It’s healthy, it hydrates, and it’s high in calories. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s delicious. Health food that doesn’t taste like something you scraped off your shoe? Sign us up.