Alpinestars-X-Death-Spray-Customs-Tech-10-Boot-Graphics-Gear-Patrol Alpinestars x Death Spray Customs Tech 10 Boot Graphics
A graphic package for the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots put together by UK artist Death Spray Customs. The Black Lightning decal pack is the very same that adorns the helmets of DSC-supported amateur athletes. Only 40 kits will be made available, so get your hustle on already.
The-System-Gear-Patrol The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football
The last time we wanted to punch we punched our best friend was during a college football game. The NCAA incites serious passion, but how much of the behind-the-scenes info do you have? Players/students don’t see a cent of the billions that flow through the business, many leave school before graduation because of extensive injuries, the recruitment process can be a little shady… we could go on, but we’ve already said too much. Before the next showdown, read up on your favorite pastime. $18
EMSA-Turboline-salad-spinner-Gear-Patrol Emsa Turboline salad spinner
We all know salad spinners are about the best, most desirable kitchen gadgets out there. Honestly — how else are you gonna spin your salad, right? Salads in these spinners get spun up to 50% faster than ever before. BAM. There’s a stainless steel version that doubles as a serving bowl. BOOM. There’s also a clear model and… a collapsible spinner. KERPLUNK. This trio just changed the whole damn game.
Porsche-Designs-Easy-Winter-Boot-Gear-Patrol Porsche Design Sport Easy Winter Boots
Porsche Design Sport is a collaboration effort between Adidas and Porsche Design, and their latest product proves that Porsche designers make more than gorgeous, sleek, heritage-inspired sports cars. Available in all black and brown/white/red in nubuck, these boots have PrimaLoft insulation and thermoplastic polyurethane that make ’em good to go in the winter weather. Grab them in select Adidas and Porsche Design stores. ()
Oliver-Spencer-Biking-Glove-Gear-Patrol Oliver Spencer Biking Glove
Oliver Spencer knows what bicyclists need: something to keep their hands warm while riding in the winter. If you pick up a pair, just make sure to attach the mini snowplow to your front wheel before you put them on — you won’t want to mess up the lambswool/nylon blend or the soft leather grip patches on the palms. You could also, you know, wear them as regular gloves and call a cab. $96 ()
Greign-Leather-Goods-Gear-Patrol Greign Leather Goods
Greign leather products are handmade in the USA and inspired by vintage design, which is quite apparent in the quality and kick-assery of each piece. They produce phone cases, eyeglass cases, key rings and probably the best-looking belt we could imagine. Their simple, elegant designs are just aching for a little natural patina. Wear and use them well, friends.