Bluelounge-Rolio-Gear-Patrol Bluelounge Rolio
You could be like every other knuckle dragger in the airport terminal and scrounge for an available outlet, only to lay your iPhone on the floor, or you could spring for this nifty little guy and never again expose your precious pocket supercomputer to grease and grime. Simply thread your lightning cable through, wrap the excess cable around, attach to the little white brick and plug it in. Voilà: instant wall outlet iPhone dock. $10
Allied-Maker-Writer's-Lamp-Gear-Patrol Allied Maker Writers Lamp
Hmmm… nope. Can’t think of a single writer. Just don’t know any. Not one. That’s a damn shame too, because pretty much any writer would love to have this stunner illuminating his desk. That writer would revel in the white oak base, the perfectly-drooped brass neck and that exquisite brass shade. Hell, even the cord is specially finished with a cotton cover. No doubt some writer out there — that lucky, stylish, manly, tasteful and elegant writer — will cherish this lamp. If only we knew one… $180
Picobrew-Zymatic-Gear-Patrol PicoBrew Zymatic Automatic Beer Brewer
The future has arrived. This just-add-ingredients-and-press-go machine drastically reduces the complexity of the tedious beer making process. Simply load water, grain, hops and the step filters according to whatever recipe you’re using (share and discover new recipes from other brewers using the easily adaptable software), sit back and wait for your suds — it’ll take a few hours to brew,and then just a week to ferment and bubble up. Cheers to the future. $1,299+
Tempour-Gear-Patrol Tempour Four-in-one Wine Device
This thing is all about “beverage control”. It’s a four-in-one gadget made for the connoisseur. It aerates, filters sediment and functions as a bottle stopper. And there’s the detachable, gel-filled chilling rod — you don’t have to use it, but when it’s pre-cooled, just stick it into whatever lukewarm swill you’ve got and whatever you pour will be refreshingly crisp. $50
Atocha-DJ-Stand-Gear-Patrol Atocha DJ Stand
Two tables and plenty of storage; custom made for the discerning DJ. There’s a shelf beneath for storage of gear, LPs, additional components, swag, and a headphone holder for when you need to take a potty break. It’s handmade in ‘Merica out of birch and maple plywood with black walnut legs. Order one, grab your gear, set it on top and spin. $999
HP-ENVY17-Leap-Motion-SE-Gear-Patrol HP Envy Leap Motion SE Notebook Computer
How many times have you wanted to go Obi Wan on your laptop? Countless times? Perfect. HP has integrated their gesture control feature into this Envy, so now you can control apps and games with a simple wave of your hand. There’s also a 17.3-inch 1080p screen, Haswell processor, Nvidia graphics stuff, 8+ gigs of RAM and a terabyte (!) hard drive. $1,050
DIY-Merit-Badges-Gear-Patrol Patches is a safe place for kids to share their creative endeavors, and those kids deserve merit… hence these patches. They come in all designs for every kind of talent and skill, from musicianship to gardening to transportation engineering. And since the kids will be using an adult’s money to buy the patches, it’s only right that adults get few, too. Now to cruise eBay for a used Girl Scout sash… $5