Heart of Gold

The Real Thing

Remember that scene in Garden State where Natalie Portman, looking oh-so-cute in that girl-next-door pink sweater, tries to get Zach Braff to make weird movements and noises? “This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has ever done before and that no one will copy throughout human existence”, she says. Still, even totally unique acts are not created equal. In the grand scheme of life on planet Earth, Zach Braff’s finger motions go relatively unnoticed, while something like the Mona Lisa gets displayed in the Louvre. Bodie Stroud‘s 1969 Ford Mustang falls into this latter category. It’s custom built with an all aluminum 494 engine, one of only ten built for Mario Andretti’s Can-Am series racecar, and is even signed by Piedone himself. In this video, directed by Julian King, you can hear Stroud talk reverently about his one-of-a-kind creation.