Oliver-Spencer-Corduroy-Gear-Patrol Oli’s Jean Corduroys By Oliver Spencer
Is there a more appropriate material for the autumn than corduroy? Could there be a color better suited to the season than burgundy? These modern, English-bred cord trousers are slim fitting but cozy, as they’re made of a mid-weight, thin-wale cord, and are perfect with a sweater, a button down, a jacket, wingtips, boots or really just about anything else. They’re also available in beige and navy, should you care to do some autumnal color research and get back to us with your answer to the above. $207
TYPE-Letterpress-Calendar-Gear-Patrol TYPE Letterpress Calendar
This letterpress calendar from TYPE, printed on a decades-old letterpress, is a study in conspicuous minimalism. It’s small — desktop sized — but packs a year’s worth (2014, of course) of dates into a tiny package. The cotton stock month cards sit inside a hand-sanded, laser-cut bamboo stand, ready to be placed wherever you want to make an impression. $29
Libratone-Loop-Gear-Patrol Libratone LOOP
Ironically, the word “loop” doesn’t really apply here; this versatile speaker is decidedly a disk. The interchangeable Italian wool covers mean it’ll fit in with any decor. On the back is a spot for the included wall mounting hardware, or you can use the simple stand to set it on a surface. Libratone works with Airplay but also utilizes PlayDirect tech, which nullifies the need for wi-fi connection. $500
Heartwork-Media-Credenza-Gear-Patrol Heartwork Media Credenza
If you’ve got five feet of floorspace, a need for classy storage and a bit of coin to make it happen, look no further. This heavy-gauge steel piece from Heartwork aims to take the crud out of credenza (…just go with it). In terms of aesthetics, you’ve got the option of fixed legs or rolling casters, and colors that are quite modern and entirely subtle in spite of their brightness. Cable management, ever the nemesis of the gadget-friendly, is taken care of via premade portals inside the shelves. $850
Knowroaming-Gear-Patrol Knowroaming
Attention, Jet Setters: no longer shall you live in fear of a massive international phone bill after your next jaunt abroad. With the small Knowroaming sticker adhered to your SIM card, your unlocked phone will hop onto a local network rather than roam expensively. It’s controlled via an app in which you prepay funds, check balances and rates, and tether new purchased phone numbers to your original number. $35+ ()
GoPro-Hero-3-Gear-Patrol GoPro Hero 3+
GoPro casually introduced the new Hero 3+, which is 20% smaller and lighter than before, has a 30% longer-lasting battery, and wi-fi that functions at 4x the speed of previous connections. Additionally, the 3+ comes standard with SuperView — a wide-angle mode — and an auto low light mode that’ll tackle your next midnight cliff jumping experience. But they didn’t stop there: the 3+ also has video resolution up to 4K and takes 12MP stills at 30 frames/second. Beats the hell out of your dad’s old JVC camcorder, eh? $400
Cadillac-2015-Gear-Patrol 2015 Cadillac Escalade
The Cadillac Escalade, top candidate for the “anti-Prius” and harbinger of the Great Bling Onslaught, is updated for the 2015 model year. A 420 hp V8 continues to motivate the Esky; a new suspension setup and variable drive modes improve driving dynamics; security is updated and purposed to fend off the recurring most stolen automobile title. Exterior details have evolved à la Cadillac: tall, narrow headlamps, taller and narrower taillamps, and angular cues all around. Speaking of CUE, Caddy’s infotainment system is integrated well into the markedly new interior, which GM touts as one of the best truck insides available and is aimed to elevate the Escalade above the Suburban. That and the optional 22-inch wheels. cadillac.com