woolrich-arctic-parka-gear-patrol Woolrich Arctic Parka
If you live in a cold or four-seasoned clime (or if you live in a Tampa and the temp ever dips below 60° F, you wimp) you know full well that the best, and perhaps most stylish, defense against a frigid atmosphere is a classic parka with big pockets, hand warmer pockets, oversized, glove-friendly zippers and snaps, ultra-puffy stuffing and the obligatory, wind-stopping fur edged hood. This Canadian-made arctic parka’ll do one better: the materials are infused with Teflon to keep stains, liquid, oil-based goo and much more from infiltrating its fibers. Easy to clean, perfect to wear. $975
Smithsonian-Great-Design-Book-Gear-Patrol Smithsonian’s Great Design Book
The Smithsonian Institute’s new book explores more than 100 of the most beautifully designed cars, furniture, bottles, electronics and more from the last 150 years. Longer pieces on designers themselves, their workshops and more round out the volume, which is a grand overview of the who, what, when, where and why of two lifetimes of creativity in execution. $30
Poc-goggles-gear-patrol POC Lid Ski Goggles
Skiers can be so picky. “We want fresh powder because it’s safer and causes less fatigue”; “It’d be great to have an unobstructed view of the run so we don’t accidentally run into trees and seriously maim ourselves” — on and on. POC has answered at least one of your whines, slope surfers, with their frameless Lid goggles. Snow and ice fall away from the fog- and scratch-resistant double lens with hardly a wipe. And, most importantly, you’ll have a wide-angle view of every mogul, conifer and white wolf on the mountain. $200 ()
ural-gaucho-gear-patrol Ural x Pendleton Woolen Mills Gaucho Rambler
Gauchos — cowboys to the rest of you — weren’t all rootin’ tootin’ and shootin’ as depicted in your favorite Westerns (no disrespect to Clint et al.). Cowboys were men who worked prairies and fields, herding cattle. They explored, slept under the stars; they rambled. Ural paired with Pendleton to produce this unique, limited-edition 2WD cycle/sidecar. That color is Pacific Blue, the blanket is a Pendleton “Journey West”. The canvas upholstery should conjure visions of the untamed frontier. It’s made to explore, to pioneer, and to look damn good all the while. $14,350
Whipping-Post-Vintage-Messenger-Bag-Gear-Patrol Whipping Post Vintage Messenger Bag
Whipping Post’s Vintage Messenger Bag is inspired by postal bags of old, from the days when rain, sleet, snow and government furloughs didn’t stop the mail. It’s a straightforward pack: thick leather aching for patina, a suede-lined laptop sleeve, a key lanyard, a newspaper pouch out back and a padded strap. Nothing more, nothing less. $265
Bravery-Loyalty-Goods-Gear-Patrol Bravery Loyalty Goods
Despite how domesticated he may be, our best friend truly wants — and needs — to run free. Some lucky mutts get it all: their owners take them running, hiking, adventuring. Bravery gear is for those fortunate fellas: a full range of comfortable, sturdy straps, detachable and waterproof pouches, specially-designed straps, an emergency handle if he gets into tight spots, and the P.A.L. system, which accepts attachments of all types — radios, carabiners and more. This Kickstarter’s for the dogs. $10+
raleigh-tamland-two Raleigh Tamland 2.0
Designed with gravel surfaces in mind, The Tamland 2.0 features a Reynolds steel frame, a Datsun race rear end and Sprye mechanical disc stoppers. The longer frame and forks engineered with a rake and lower bottom bracket specifically for off-road optimization. raleighusa.com
proper-cloth-tie-gear-patrol Proper Cloth Fall 2013 Italian Neckwear Line
Proper Cloth just released their fall 2013 collection, including silk and cashmere neckties. Which, you know, probably would have been a more earth-shattering announcement when silk was only produced in China, and cashmere sourced from Cashmere goats. But consider that the ties are handmade in Italy in a small town at the base of the Alps and that they’re priced starting at $100, and you’ll start to see that you’ve got one beautifully designed bargain. $100+