Leica-Camera-Designed-by-Jony-Ive-and-Marc-Newson-for-RED-Gear-Patrol Leica M by Jony Ive and Marc Newsom for (RED)
For anyone who’s wanted Jony Ive (of Apple design fame) to pair up with industrial designer Marc Newson and craft a special edition Leica M camera to be sold at auction to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, your rig has arrived. The pair of designers made this version at the behest of Bono (yes, that Bono) for the (RED) charity. It’s a one-off, laser cut-aluminum-bodied masterclass in contemporary/classic design. 55 engineers worked alongside the designers for nearly 2,200 hours, and the resulting product took a single engineer 50 hours to put together. Although there’s no shoe for flash-mounting and no digital display, there is a full-format sensor and a killer Leica lens. Though we imagine the high-bidder will keep this beauty under wraps. sothebys.com
Chippewa-J-Crew-Boots-Gear-Patrol Chippewa for J. Crew Plain-toe Boots
This recreation of an 80+ year old boot is tried and true Chippewa footwear — a good thing, considering the company’s heritage and track record. With design details meticulously selected by the collaborative team, these classic Goodyear-welt fellas are made in the USA, and they’re ultra-stylish and masculine to boot. $248
callowayaerowagonconcept-Gear-Patrol Callaway Aerowagon Concept
Because there are people who would purchase the most supercar-like American sports car for a significant chunk of change and immediately turn around and have it converted to a hatchback, Callaway has introduced this design concept package for the new C7 Corvette. For just 15 grand, you can stuff more junk in your natural-finish carbon fiber trunk. For just $1,500 more, you can have the thing painted to match the rest of your car. Think of it as a poor man’s Ferrari FF, or Doc Frankenstein’s midlife crisis. $15,000+
Wild-Turkey-Spiced-Gear-Patrol Wild Turkey Spiced
If you’re the kind of guy who loves autumn and all its autumn-flavored things, but you’re not a pirate, then you might not be a fan of spiced rum. Wild Turkey has just the thing for you land-lubbers: spiced bourbon. It’s 86-proof and spiced… think vanilla, cinnamon, cloves — all the things you like infused in that seasonal latte. $23 ()
Cardfold-Wallet-from-General-Manufacturing-Gear-Patrol Pinnacles Cardfold Wallet
Keeping it super simple is good advice, but in practice it doesn’t always work out. Easy Mac for a first date meal, for instance. But this Cardfold has us smitten — it’s a study in simplicity, as it’s really just an open sleeve for cash with a slit for two or three cards. The excellent blue stitching in the English bridle leather and the overall ease of use can’t be beat. $58
Eva-Solo-Fridge-Caraf-Gear-Patrol Eva Solo Fridge Carafe
Using carafes would be so much simpler if fluid dynamics and other forces of physics were less involved. Eva Solo has solved the dripping problem with a double-lipped design that pours from the inner lip and catches drip with the outer. Voila. No more drips, physics in tact. And there’s a removable cover too, so you can throw style all around the heezy when you’re hydrating dinner guests. $79