Slopeside-Syrup-Gear-Patrol Slopeside Syrup
Aptly named, this syrup is tapped from trees that cover a mountain overflowing with ski slope history. Abutting ski slopes carved and operated by the family’s late patriarch, the Cochran farm has run a ski business for decades and churned out true ski pros and even an Olympic Gold Medal win. The Cochran grandchildren, born of this award-winning lineage, have utilized the land their family’s non-profit organization owns (which controls the skiing and ensures that ski education is available to all who come) in the tastiest way: by tapping maple syrup. With several different varieties and several sizes, there’s something for everyone. ‘Tis the season, friends, so treat yourself to some pancakes topped with Mother Nature’s nectar. $6+
Delectable-Wine-Tracking-App-Gear-Patrol Delectable Wine App
If you have the good fortune to drink myriad types of wine, but you still yearn for more, your organizational dream is here. Creating a mini social network, Delectable allows you to photograph wines and identify them, tag friends and locations and add your own reviews. The journal functions helps you keep track of your favorites and remember to seek out new varieties, and by following winemakers, sommeliers and friends you’ll be able to stay abreast of the latest and greatest vino news. Free
Son-of-a-Sailor-Opinel-Folding-Knife-Gear-Patrol Son Of A Sailor Opinel Folding Knife
We’re big fans of this simple folding knife — it’s great looking and functional (just like us). The beechwood and stainless steel pocketknife is hand painted with a vivid “stripe” that recalls signal-flags of the nautical world. Indeed, this knife is meant to be used, so don’t worry about keeping it pretty (though we couldn’t blame you if you did). $36+
Duke-Cannon-Hair-Wash-and-Shave-Cream-Gear-Patrol Duke Cannon Hair Wash And Shaving Cream
Finally, something for that Man (yes, with a capital M) on your holiday shopping list. Duke Cannon, purveyor of no-nonsense grooming products for real men (as opposed to pansies, dandies, and goody-goodies) is introducing hair wash (not shampoo) and shave cream. It’ll launch in the coming weeks, and we can only assume that it will rid impurities and beard stubble forever.
Mohu-Curve-Over-the-Air-Antenna-Gear-Patrol Mohu Curve Indoor HDTV Antenna
Thanks to digital signals, “rabbit ears” are no more, so if you’re still committed to cord-cutting (and, presumably still also committed to HDTV, albeit free), you’ll need to check out this antenna. Instead of rabbit ears, think modern snowplow blade. It’s a design-friendly and curvy sculpture. Enjoy 1080p video via airwaves from up to 50 miles away from towers. $100
Filson-1912-Cruier-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Filson 1912 Cruiser Shirt
Right now, the century mark is a real sweet spot in the apparel world — go much older than 100 years and you’re getting into stovepipe hat and tails territory. But Filson has brought back their Cruiser shirt, originally made in 1912, to do more than pay homage. This is a true outdoorsman’s torso cover. It has five snap pockets on the front and a double-layered back panel which also functions as a pocket; it slips over your head and buttons up to the top; it’s plaid; it’s made of virgin Yukon wool. The shirt comes in a wooden box with some extra documents about its heritage, so you can learn and look like an early 20th century badass. Oh, and it costs six hundred dollars. $612