PUBLIC-E-Bikes-Gear-Patrol PUBLIC Electric Bikes
The delivery guy from your favorite take-out place is going to be soooo jealous of your electric bike. These two rides from Public use electric assist, meaning that these bicycles require pedal power but give a boost with an electric motor when you want the extra help. The BionX kit includes the battery and motor parts necessary to convert PUBLIC’s M8i and D8i bicycles to electric power so you can maintain the conventional bike look. Stromer bikes are purpose-built, and include an integrated battery, puffier tires for a smooth ride, hydraulic disc brakes, and the name “Stromer”.
Tortuga-Travel-Backpacks-Gear-Patrol Tortuga Travel Backpack
Regular backpacks are great for toting small things short distances, but carrying a lot of gear, whether commuting or traveling long distances, can be a cumbersome pain. Tortuga’s carry-on size pack not only fits a hell of a lot of clothes and equipment, it’s also comfortable, easy to access and is within TSA size limits for carry-ons. The compression straps fit snug and keep the pack high for maximum comfort and efficiency; myriad pockets give you room to stow clothing, laptops and small accessories; the padded waist strap takes a load off your shoulders; and the whole thing opens like a suitcase, not a drawstring hiking pack. If, for some odd reason, you’re not satisfied, there’s even a 110% money back return policy. $199
Fitbit-Force-Gear-Patrol FitBit Force
Almost any alternative is cheaper than hiring a personal trainer, and with the ever-expanding world of technology tracking, pursuing your own health is easy as wearing a watch. FitBit’s minimalist Force is a comfortable, water resistant wrist-worn device that tracks steps taken, distance traveled, sleep patterns, calories burned and more. Use the simple display to monitor your activity or easily sync with Bluetooth 4.0 to iPhones and Android devices (some of which can use NFC) to track your progress with advanced analytics. The Force vibrates to gently rouse you from sleep and the band will work with other fitness apps you may already use. $130
Drift-WS-Eyeglass-Case-Chestnut-Dublin-Gear-Patrol Drift + Winter Session Eyeglass Case
Made by hand in Colorado, this collaboration is designed to cosset your specs in style. Crafted from 4-ounce waxed and tanned Horween leather and held together with waxed Irish linen thread and brass hardware, the case is available in a black or chestnut colorway; a laser-etched logo decorates the inner flap. $100
Kaufmann-Mercantile-Metal-First-Aid-Kit-Gear-Patrol Kaufmann Mercantile Metal First Aid Kit
We humans hurt ourselves constantly — that’s one downside to living without an exoskeleton. Be ready for whatever life, your workshop or that coffee table you swear someone moved in the middle of the night throws at you, and do it in style. Made in Kansas City, this emergency pack uses few synthetic materials — think woven bandages, non-stick gauze and nitrile rubber gloves (to avoid latex allergies) — and of course ointments, salves, balms, creams, gels, and whatever else you’d normally expect in a first aid kit — and it’s all handsomely color coded. $65
Alite-Designs-Mayfly-Camping-Chair-Gear-Patrol Alite Designs Mayfly Camping Chair
Just because you’re an outdoorsy fella doesn’t mean you have to sit on the ground and lean against trees — you too deserve true comfort and a clean rump. Alite has made camping furniture for some time, but their Mayfly is a combination of two past designs, the Mantis and the Monarch. Two rounded rear feet are placed at the chair’s pivot point, so sitters can rock back and balance at a comfortable angle; the removable front foot adds stability. The sprightly thing is so light (1.4 pounds) and folds so small that you’ll hardly realize it’s along for the hike, and you’ll have room enough for a crowd’s worth of chairs in the trunk. $100