Celebrate Life! murder-free week in NYC? Not bad, New Yorkers. Not bad at all.
Villains of the Round Table Hannibal Lecter, head of The League of Villains, just welcomed a new member into the ranks. Congrats, Walter White. You earned it.
King Jong-un I may have missed something during government class in high school, but did everyone’s second favorite Korea just become a monarchy?
Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson has never looked more Wes Anderson than in this new film, slated for release in spring 2014. Unfortunately, long-time Anderson favorite Kumar Pallana won’t be in the film (he recently passed away) — though you can read a great interview with him from Dave Eggers’ Believer magazine.
BFFs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler agreed to host the Golden Globes for the next two years. And while we’re talking about Hollywood, here’s what studios can do to fix it.
Printing the Future We haven’t even finished the debate over 3D printing and gun safety, but the European Space Agency just announced plans to take 3D printing into the “metal age”. So yeah, naysayers. Debate that.
Justice on the High Seas Boom. This is how you arrest a Somali pirate. Of course, you could always pull a Captain Phillips, but there is something to be said for diplomacy…
This Week in Art Banksy shows up in NYC. David Hockney returns to LA.
Well I Say, Sir Looking to up your gentlemanly street cred? Join a London gentleman’s club. Though if we have to tell you to join a London gentleman’s club, your probably not getting into a London gentleman’s club. Luckily, this book gives us a look inside some of the exclusive institutions.
At The Tosca Check out the coolest bar in San Fran, which is reopening this month. Also, did you know that Nicolas Cage and Roman Coppola are cousins? We were wondering how Cage keeps getting all that work.