Baseball, apple pie and trucks: all iconic, savory slices of Americana. The urban cowboy may have given the pickup a bad rap, but don’t let that sour the segment. These ain’t your granddad’s haulers. No sir, the trucks of today have taken fuel efficiency to an all-time high in the segment, for starters, and have added touches of interior and exterior class that leave little to be desired, even when compared against luxury makers. The class notoriously enjoyed by Farmer John and Rancher Ron brings a much broader appeal today; not to be sidelined in the segment, import manufacturers have even blazed their own iterations down this iconic American trail, solidifying the undeniable appeal of the pickup.

So yes, the beloved truck has changed, but it remains grounded in its roots as a tree-stump-puller. Indeed, the core functionality of the pickup truck has remained nearly unchanged through the years — that is, it still has the ability to blast copious amounts of diesel exhaust over smug, hybrid drivers. It appears this trusty steed won’t be disappearing anytime soon, which is why we found it pertinent to drive and rate the five best full-size models on the market. Which one you choose is between you and your payload.

Additional contribution by Amos Kwon.

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