Level-Money-Gear-Patrol Level Money App
Sure, Siri can look up the score from last night’s game, but she can’t stand in for, say, a personal banker. Level will track spending in real time, updating purchases as you make them so you can keep tabs on how your money is put to use. The graphically rich app automatically understands regular charges and income, taking into account all your accounts. There’s no manual entry necessary, and you’ll never have to track a Level purchase, because it’s promised to always be free. Available for Android soon. Free
Herschel-Raised-by-Wolves-iPad-Sleeve-Gear-Patrol Herschel Supply X Raised By Wolves iPad Mini Case
Herschel, known far and wide as a maker of fine bags and travel goods, has paired with Raised By Wolves to offer a terrific iPad sleeve in a special Black Water camouflage pattern. Herschel’s signature striped lining is in full force, this time in a muted green, and an elastic band holds everything in place. It’ll protect your tablet from drops and from theft — you can’t steal what you can’t see. $40
Pernod-Original-Absinthe-Gear-Patrol Pernod Absinthe Original Recipe
It’s rumored that the wormwood in absinthe causes hallucinations — at least that’s what folks thought a couple hundred years ago. That’s not the truth (unfortunately), and those legends are probably spun from the spirit’s high proof and the fact that the “hallucinators” were mostly crazy artists and writers to start with. Pernod, the original makers of absinthe and all its anise goodness, have opened a new distillery in Thuir, France. It’s modeled after the original building and is going to churn out some original recipe booze — painstakingly recreated over two years — as an homage to the brand’s bohemian roots. pernodabsinthe.com
Cub-Cadet-RZT-S-Zero-Mower-Gear-Patrol Cub Cadet RZT S Riding Mower
The worst part of mowing the lawn is that you can’t ever hear the special playlist you put together for yard and house work (“All The Shingle Ladies” and “Don’t Stop De-Leafin'” earning top spots). Thanks to this all-electric riding mower, you’ll be buzzing the blades in whisper-quiet style. The grass eater utilizes a 48-volt battery to amp up two motors: one for the rear wheels, the other for the blade inside the 42-inch deck. All four wheels steer, so this is a zero-turn situation, and the batteries refresh overnight via a standard wall outlet. $2,899
Lomography-Experiment-Lens-Kit-Gear-Patrol Lomography Experimental Lens Kit
If you’ve got a Micro 4/3 camera you already know the fun and benefits of a good lens swap. This kit allows users to shoot optical multiple exposure images using their digital cameras — a global first. Three lenses — a fish eye, wide angle and standard — also include a slot for different color filters so you can fully exercise your creative muscle and show those Instagramming upstarts who’s boss. $128
Rapha-Racing-City-Cycling-Guides-Gear-Patrol Rapha European City Cycling Guides
Traveling around Europe presents so many options: via train for speed, backpacking for the romance of it all, driving (sometimes) on the wrong side of the road. But to bike The Continent — now that’s travel. Get the most out of your journey with this set of books from Rapha and publishers Thames & Hudson. The fully illustrated guides feature maps that highlight the hot spots and travel routes through cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Milan and Paris. Bring a bike lock and a bookmark and you’ll never be far from fun. $40