Phiaton-Chord-MS-530-Gear-Patrol Phiaton Chord Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
That silent H makes all the difference — these cordless Chord headphones are sleek as hell and capable too. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, they can stream your media wirelessly over longer distances and with higher quality than previous technologies. Noise canceling blocks 98% of exterior din; it’ll connect to two devices at a time; a microphone for talking can be used 30 hours nonstop, or 18 with active noise canceling turned on. Should you yearn to get tethered (or if the batteries die), an audio cable is included as well. $349
Mirror-Case-Gear-Patrol MirrorCase For iPad And iPhone
Ostensibly for recording lectures at school and presentations at work, this device is exactly what you’ll need on your next espionage adventure. It’s obviously for recording enemy conversations and military tactics briefings. The case/stand uses mirrors to capture crystal-clear photos and video while your phone or tablet lays nearly flat. Use the MirrorCase app for taking notes and bookmarking timecode while recording. Different cases for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPad mean there’s something here even for the spy who isn’t yet due an upgrade. $50
Killspencer-Daypack-Gear-Patrol Killspencer Daypack
We’re just not ready to believe that “Killspencer” is the last name of this eponymous brand’s designer. Clearly the guy made a deal with the devil to off a guy named Spencer in exchange for the ability to make extremely handsome, extremely well-made goods. Available in four colors, the bag’s thick leather or waxed canvas and suede is paired with high-grade Riri zippers, military hardware, a fire retardant iPad mini pouch and enough other pockets and sleeves to carry all your essentials. $325+
capo-3-app-gear-patrol Capo 3 Guitar Tab App
Technology just changed the way punk kids learn how to plunk out songs on their first beat-up six-strings. Instead of the old play-pause-plunk-rewind-stop-play-pause method, which annoys literally everyone, Capo’s app adds a new feature with its latest update: the ability to listen to songs and generate tabs automatically. It slows down the music — from iTunes, your own library, or really, anywhere — for optimal computing and then writes the little dots and stuff. You’ll be able to impress everyone with your vast personal set list, but please, no “Stairway”. $30 ()
Yamaha-RX-S600-AV-Receiver-Gear-Patrol Yamaha RX-S600 AV Receiver
Your TV is thinner than Kate Moss at her scariest, so why do you insist that chunky, clunky stereo equipment inhabits the same space? This AV receiver is just over 4 inches tall and does everything you’d expect its bigger brethren to tackle. Myriad inputs, from HDMI to USB, are on deck, as are Airplay and internet radio streamers; of course, there are also speaker connections, lest we forget our roots. In addition to the space savings, an eco mode reduces power consumption by 20%. Click through for the full specs — the one thing this little guy isn’t so light on. $650
RICOH-Pentax-K-3-Gear-Patrol Pentax K-3 Body and Lens Kit
Behold this big mother: an enthusiast-based Pentax flagship whose feature list is almost as big as its sensor. It boasts 27-point auto focus, 8.3 fps continuous shooting, 1/8000th max shutter speed and in-body image stabilization; there are two SD cards slots and weather sealing all around. The kit includes a DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 WR lens, and better yet, a 2,000-unit limited edition will be available in silver for a few hundred Benjamins more. $1,650