Slope Safety

Snow Guardians

On ski trips, it’s not just gear that keeps us safe, but the rarely seen, rarely thanked members of Ski Patrol. You know, the guys and gals (and dogs) in red coats that ride up and down the mountain on snowmobiles? Until we saw this video, we always thought their job was to keep us off the best runs. Now we’ve changed our minds. When disaster strikes on the mountain, it’s Ski Patrol that comes to save your life.

In this teaser trailer for a full-length feature directed by Carson Garner, you’ll hear about the lives and work of some of the most grizzled, experienced Ski Patrol veterans at several Rocky Mountain ski resorts, as well as members of several backcountry Search and Rescue teams. The video offers an unprecedented, high-definition look at mountain safety, as well as helpful survival tips. It won’t keep you off the slopes — that’s certainly not the point — but you might think twice before ignoring that “Area Closed” sign.