Fujifilm-X-E2-Gear-Patrol Fujifilm X-E2
An upgrade from Fujifilm’s XE-1, XE-2 features a high-powered 16.2MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor inside a reasonably affordable interchangeable-lens shooter. A split image focusing system, whip-fast autofocus, high speed 1080p video capability, wi-fi file transfer and a shiny new LCD screen round out the features. Pair an 18-55mm/2.8-4 zoom lens with the body for 400 bucks more; it all starts shipping in November. $999
The-Clash-Sound-System-Gear-Patrol The Clash Sound System Box Set
This ghetto-blaster-lookin’, 12-disc-havin’, remastered-soundin’ compilation is about the pinnacle of every Brit-punk fanboy’s dream collection. It’s been curated by the band and includes five remastered studio albums, three discs of rare tracks, B-sides and non-album singles, live footage and promo videos, and a reprint of the Armagideon Times fanzine. There’s merchandise galore inside and enough music to rock multiple Casbahs and keep on going. $177
Jack-Daniels-Winter-Jack-Gear-Patrol Jack Daniels Winter Jack Tennessee Cider
What’s that, Grumpy Gus? You say everything’s spiced this time of year and why aren’t there normal drinks and bah humbug, blah blah blah, eh? Newsflash, buddy: you’re sad because you’re alone, so at least make friends with this here holiday swill and stay cozy on your own. Apple cider liqueur, Jack whiskey and the aforementioned ubiquitous spices combine to make a limited-edition drink best served warm, so the aroma of comforting, delightful booze-filled cider can fill your cold, empty home. Because we all know no one’s coming over, ya grouch. jackdaniels.com
Rockwell-Tools-VersaCut-Mini-Circular-Saw-Gear-Patrol Rockwell Tools VersaCut Mini Circular Saw
We’re more than a week early for Halloween, but if you’re that creepy, over-the-top weirdo who really likes to make a splash and terrify Trick-or-Treaters with a deer carcass dismemberment station in your garage (or if you’re doing some home remodeling and you need a simple, affordable tool), look no further. This puppy needs no set up and comes with three blades that’ll cut a variety of materials (tile, wood, bone); depth control and a laser guide keep things straight and even; and a dust extraction adapter is easily attached for a clean line of sight. $130
AnkiDrive-Gear-Patrol Anki Drive Slot Cars
Slot cars have…changed. Cameras onboard each of these racers read the special-ink-coated mat racetrack to keep them on track without actual slots. Controlled via iOS, cars can fire “weapons” at other competitors in a Death Race-style grudge match mashup of TRON and a demo derby. AI computers, meanwhile, take cues from iOS drivers and begin to make their own decisions about passing, blocking and fighting. The cars were designed by Harald Belker, who designed the Lexus in Minority Report and the light cycles in the new TRON movie (see?) — and after races drivers earn upgrades that stay with each ride permanently, regardless of driver. An evolving digital race battle? It’s on our wish list. anki.com
Turkey-Fryer-Gear-Patrol Waring Pro Rotisserie Turkey Fryer And Steamer
Fry cook an 18-pound turkey in just over an hour and your mom might claim blasphemy, but we say that means more time for eating. This rotisserie 2.5-gallon reservoir uses 1/3 less oil than normal fryers for fast, good-lookin’ cookin’ straight out of a pro’s kitchen. Our mouths are watering. $249
Most-Awesome-Poker-Set-In-The-World-Gear-Patrol The Most Awesome Poker Set in the World Kickstarter
Tired of taking shit for hitting your inside straight draw on the river and not realizing it until your disgusted friends tell you? We can’t help, donkey. But you can upgrade your sad set CVS-bought plastic chips in a plastic baggie. There are plenty of options out there, but our money’s on this Kickstarter project, a custom 300-chip set in cool, offbeat colors housed in a recycled .30 caliber ammo box alongside two custom sphinx-themed decks. At $120 bucks it’s definitely steeper than the standard briefcase/hitman’s gun case sets, but c’mon, you’ll win it all back in a few hands if your beginner’s luck keeps up, Mr. Rounders. $119+