panasonic-gm1-gear-patrol Panasonic Lumix GM1
Measuring in at shorter than four inches long and just over two inches tall, this is one diminutive mirrorless rig. Panasonic jams in a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor, a three-inch touchscreen, wi-fi capability and a pop-up flash. Pair Panasonic’s new compact lens kit with the already attractive retro body, and you’ve got a pocket-sized powerhouse. $750
union-garage-robinson-jacket-gear-patrol Union Garage Robinson Jacket
Handmade American craftsmanship and adjustable, removable D30 protective armor inserts vault this classic, British-style waxed canvas motorcycle jacket into instant gotta-have-it territory. Cut and sewn with the help of Massachusetts’ own Vanson Leathers, the jacket features leather trim inside its 10.10-ounce Martexin waxed canvas shell, which keeps you comfy, warm and safe. The red plaid lining, seven pockets (including a pass-through rabbit pocket out back) and other details make this a jacket that’s as functional as it is fashionable. $699
adidas-mi-coach-gear-patrol Adidas miCoach Smart Run
This color touchscreen watch is ready to do battle with the reigning champs out in the smartwatch/fitness band world. Available November 1, the wristgear will provide GPS tracking, music playback, heart rate monitoring and “coaching” all in a slick carpal wrapper.
manfrotto-bags-gear-patrol Manfrotto Advanced Camera Bags
Not everyone carries the same camera gear, and not every gig requires the same stuff. Manfrotto, perennial favorites in this arena, show they’re wise to this in a line of bags that caters to every type of shooter: a holster for the small essentials, easy-access slings, multi-position backpacks and packs that carry more than just cameras and accessories. Easily adaptable interior configurations ensconce your delicate tech while high-density nylon material protects it from the outside, where tripod hooks and pockets galore festoon the perimeter. Regardless of your choice (why get just one?), you’ll always have just what you need at hand.
Warren-Cutlery-Company-Pro-Pumpkin-Carving-Kit-Gear-Patrol Warren Cutlery Pumpkin Carving Kit
Why are we explaining this? It’s next week, you dawdler. And your kid is going to be pissed if there isn’t a carved pumpkin or ten on your porch come dusk on the 31st. But don’t go skimpy and plastic and dollar-store with your carving tool purchases — check out this set from cutlery professionals, which includes all the blades and tools you’ll need to make your squash masterpiece. $23
Tilt-Dicipline-Gear-Patrol SmithMatthias Tilt Discipline
Tech, function and sustainability are what this London-based design house knows best, and their ladder-like structure stays in that wheelhouse. It’s built to tilt against a wall, its rungs and shelves acting as hanging spots and resting places for towels, clothes, utensils or whatever else Feng Shui For Dummies suggests.
bmw-2-series-gear-patrol BMW 2 Series
The 2 Series is the latest product of BMW’s new naming scheme (even numbers for coupes, odd numbers for sedans) and is the sporty little brother of the recently announced 4 series. The micro-coupe will arrive in the U.S. in the form of the 240 horsepower, $32,100 228i and the stunning 322 horsepower, $43,100 M235i. We have a feeling both will build on the impressive fun-per-square-foot ratio of past 1 Series coupes. Look for their public debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January.