UnionMade-x-Baxter-Of-California-Bar-Soap-Gear-Patrol UnionMade x Baxter Of California Bar Soap
The skincare/haircare/always care guys at Baxter have teamed up with expert men’s apparel curator UnionMade to create these rather masculine bars of soap. There’s no need to cut into this bar with a pocketknife in the Irish countryside to unleash mandarin lime, black pepper and amber scents mixed with a “woody base” — or to prove your manliness. That’s because it’s gray. And that means you can keep extra bars in your gun safe. Like a man. $20
sony-a7-gear-patrol Sony Alpha a7
Full-frame cameras are, of course, important to the photography world, what with their large-sized sensors and unquestionable physical presence. But that last part — the size — can prove cumbersome all too often, tiring out even the most longshoreman-armed shooter. Sony has made many innovations over the years, but with the Alpha a7 they’ve set the segment on its head. The new line of full-frame cameras is far smaller than its other full frame brethren; Sony bills it as the world’s lightest full-frame interchangeable lens shooter. With all the capability you need (quick AF, wi-fi and NFC connectivity, etc.) and a lot less size and weight, you’re packing lighter and shooting more. $1,700+
Bluelounge-Cable-Box-Gear-Patrol BlueLounge CableBin
Until we can power all our electronics via magic (okay, “inductive charging”) we’re going to be a tethered society. CableBin is about as handsome and capable a cable storage compartment as you could find; light or dark wood laminate surrounds a waste-bin-shaped, fire retardant enclosure, six adhesive hooks guarantee adequate placement of a surge protector and the accompanying cables, and a lid fits on top of the main compartment to hold the pretty parts of all your chargers. $90
crescent-vest-gear-patrol Archival Clothing x Crescent Down Works Waxed Vests
We do love a good collaboration, and when the product is stylish, masculine outwear geared toward our favorite season, it’s hard to look the other way. These vests are made in Seattle, Washington out of waxed cotton and nylon and feature a worsted wool collar for a little extra warmth and panache. Leather washer-backed metal snap closures, a few pockets and killer red lining make this a vest we can’t wait to throw on for our next leaf peeping adventure. $395
GHE-O-Motors-Rescue-SUV-Gear-Patrol GHE-O Motors Rescue SUV
If Batman joined Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest for a time-travel mashup of exacting justice, this is what he’d drive. Judging by videos of this thing in action, there’s almost nothing it can’t do. Add buoyancy pillows for floating across rivers or the rear tracks for scooting around snowy terrain, and the “stock” version seems even more unbeatable. It’ll tow a sled of people or unstick a stuck Hummer. And it looks like something from the Devil’s back garage, so it’s also perfect (and timely) for Halloween. ghe-o.com ()
Garmin-D2-Pilot-Watch-Gear-Patrol Garmin D2 Watch
There are watches that monitor your fitness routine, watches that alert you of incoming texts, watches that only tell time — and now, watches that serve as airborne copilots. This Garmin model searches for nearby airports, keeps you updated (or down-dated) on altitude, features in-flight task reminders and communicates wirelessly with Garmin Pilot to download your flight plan, lest you don’t have a copy on hand (?). The customizable display allows pilots to keep track of what’s most handy, namely, GPS info like speed, course, waypoints, ETA and glide ratio. This wristwear even controls VIRB action cameras so you can catch every moment of airtime on tape. $449
Stubble-&-Stash-Beard-Conditioner-Gear-Patrol Stubble & Stache Face Lotion and Beard Conditioner
Stubble & Stache does good three ways. Your face will benefit thanks to its moisturizing properties; your beard will be most appreciative of the whisker conditioner. But most importantly, 15% of profits are donated to charities that aid wounded veterans on the road to recovery. Give yourself a close shave and help someone who’s had a closer one. $34