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Breakdown: Meridian Signature Reference System

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Smart folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts have estimated that the average American will spend a little under five and a half years driving during their lifetime. If you’re looking to debate your environmental/sociological/economic concerns with this statistic, you’d probably be best served by going to a site that doesn’t have an entire day of the week devoted to their collective love of driving. That being said, we’re all in favor of making whatever time we spend behind the wheel more enjoyable. Some automakers chuck in a whopping V8 or a sport mode to make you feel like Ayrton Senna on the 405. But, as most commuters will tell you, the U.S. interstate system isn’t exactly Monza as far as top-speed opportunities go.

Meridian Audio and Land Rover have teamed up to make those five and a half years a bit more enjoyable in a more booming way. Drop 135,995 of your bucks on the Autobiography edition of the 2014 Range Rover and you’ll get the honor of experiencing the Meridian Signature Reference System: a 1700-watt, 29-speaker goliath of a system that’s even more impressive than those staggering statistics would suggest. Though this is the first vehicle to get the best audio system on wheels, Meridian’s beastly setup will likely find its way into more Land Rover and Jaguar models in the future. We break down the earth-shattering, mind-bending, tinnitus-aggravating system above.