Put it back together

Juggle & Cut

Andy Phelps is a born craftsman. He lives to make things with his hands — to entertain and to create value in other people’s lives. As a teenager he fashioned himself into a skilled hockey player and juggler; on the side, he’d spend hours in his homemade carpentry workshop, breath fire to impress his friends and ride his motorcycle. If ever a man made good use of the faculties of his arms and legs, Andy did.

When a tragic car wreck left him a quadriplegic Andy found himself at a daunting crossroads. All the hours he’d spent cultivating skills like carpentry and juggling were suddenly of no use to him, but the overbearing urge to make something was undiminished. Juggle & Cut, by Caleb Slain, recounts Andy’s story and his discovery of film editing. Just as kayaking became Greg Mallory’s deliverance in the wake of a tragic accident, so Andy Phelps has found in editing a means of creation and construction — and of salvation.