When native Germans Dirk Engelmann and Patrick Gott uprooted their lives and moved to South Africa to start a lifelong dream, the Cube Guest House was born. The guesthouse embodies Engelmann and Gott’s approach towards modern European aesthetics that sharply contrast the surrounding dark outlines of Cape Town’s Table Mountain posturing in the background. Add palm trees, a bamboo pool house and call us curious.

Today, boutique B&B’s are in vogue and staying in Hout Bay is no exception — giant resorts are not wanted here. The Cube Guest House is perfectly sized with its six rooms. It’s simple and easy with a modern, no fuss atmosphere designed for relaxation after exploring what the surrounding areas have to offer. What Cube lacks in gaudy luxury and a long list of unnecessary amenities, it makes up for in exceptional hospitality and (our favorite) homemade breakfasts. The better-than-your-grandma’s-jam and fresh rye bread are especially noteworthy. Guests are also welcome to enjoy one of Cube’s best niceties, time with the hotel mascot, a golden retriever named Paul. Title: Head of Guest Entertainment.


Although Hout Bay has a beach, traveling too far out to sea isn’t recommended unless you’re aiming to become acquainted with Great White Sharks. The bay’s waters are notoriously infested with the creatures. If you prefer your vacations with tests of manhood, the cage diving is excellent. You can also venture out to Seal Island (hence all the Great Whites) or Boulders Beach, which boasts a thriving penguin colony, or hop aboard a boat for the ever-popular activity of whale watching.

The most satisfying way to take in the area though involves a trip along Chapman’s Peak Drive. The windy trail precipitously hugs the mountains as they meet the sea on the southwest edge of South Africa, offering a gripping (literally) view of the Atlantic Ocean. Originally built in the 1920s, the thoroughfare closed due to the danger it posed to patrons — always an exciting reason to venture down — but after being reengineered, Cape Town reopened Chapman’s Peak Drive again in 2003. Today it’s considered one of the most impressive marine drives in the world.

But come the end of the day, seafaring thrills or vehicle-bound adventure under the belt, returning to the Cube Guest House is like coming home — if your home is friendly, welcoming and has a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. Though Engelmann and Gott named it Cube, you’d be a square for staying anywhere else.

$100+ per night