hasselblad-Stellar-Special-Edition-gear-patrol-tig-thumbnail Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition
Following the introduction of the polarizing Lunar compact interchangeable lens camera the Swedish brand launched the Stellar, a lux-photography makeover of the RX100. The Scandinavian-tech-meets-Italian-design returns with a handsome special edition that boasts several new colors (including orange), bespoke leather cases and straps, and wood grip materials like carbon-fiber, wenge and padouk. Finally, a reason to say “my camera smells of rich mahogany”. $3,175
the-world-we-made-book-thumbnail The World We Made: Alex McKay’s Story from 2050
Alex McKay uses a narrative/historical hybrid style to tell the story of what our world would be like in 2050 were we to change our ecologically devastating ways right this minute. He paints pictures of a lush, healthy, verdant world that is completely sustainable. Highlighting specific milestones along the way to his idyllic utopia — 3D printing, personal genomic technology, urban agriculture and more — the book acts almost as an instruction book for humans. It’s a hopeful look at what could be. $28
Rustoleum-NeverWet-Liquid-Repelling-Spray-thumbnail Rustoleum NeverWet Liquid Repelling Spray
Rustoleum’s two-stage NeverWet creates a hydrophobic barrier between liquid and nearly anything you can think of, making it completely impervious to water. The wet stuff — drinks, hose water, rain, etc. — simply won’t stick to decks, boots, work surfaces; wherever it’s applied. It’s not made for clothing or electronics, and maybe think twice about spraying yourself down too. rustoleum.com
Sailormade-Lookout-Belt-Gear-Patrol Sailormade Lookout Belt
With a name like Sailormade you’d think waxed canvas would be rampant throughout the product line; in fact, this waxed canvas belt is the only one of its kind from this purveyor of nautical-ness. Available in gray or navy, the buckle is matte finished aluminum and quite unique (read: awesomesauce). Whether or not you’ve got a boat or live near water, you probably have pants, and that’s really the only requirement. $112
Custom-Map-Wallpaper-Gear-Patrol Wallpapered Map Wallpaper
Whether you’re an architect, a chic startup or just want your den to look like the Pentagon War Room, there are few more important design touches you need consider than a wall size map. Choose your own ‘hood, a favorite city or get all wall-to-ceiling with your stalking hobby. Just enter a zip code, request a quote and order your wallpaper print in any color combination you can dream up. wallpapered.com
Janji-Running-Apparel-Gear-Patrol Janji Running Apparel
Running is good for you. It raises your heart rate, strengthens joints and muscles, gets those endorphins pumping — but why stop there? With every purchase of Janji apparel, the company will donate to organizations that are working to ease global problems related to food and water. Help feed and hydrate people the world over while getting fit and staying healthy yourself? Definitely worth going the extra mile. runjanji.com
nexus-5-thumbnail Nexus 5
Google’s newly minted champion for pure Android easily wins the title for best smartphone deal of the year. It’s available off contract and unlocked for $350 directly from Google for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers and boasts plenty of top notch specs including 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p screen, LTE and even wireless charging. Combined with the latest 4.4 “KitKat” version of Android which brings plenty of under the hood improvements to the popular mobile OS, it’s the best Nexus device yet. google.com