SPY-Lock-Steady-Doom-Ski-Goggles-Gear-Patrol Spy Optic Doom Ski Goggles
Doom doesn’t necessarily portend gloom. In this case, Doom means a quick-release interchangeable lens system: press the button, pop off one lens, click the other in place and hit the slopes. Fingerprint-resistant, anti-scratch lenses switch out with the included mirror lens so wearers can adapt to the ever-changing elements. $185
Bush-Smarts-Hammock--Gear-Patrol Bush Smarts Trail Hammock
Made of ripstop nylon, this four-point tie-out hammock is designed to protect loungers from contorted, banana-like sleeping positions that other, lesser hammocks bring about. A zip-off mosquito netting opens to either side and can be removed completely for easy ingress, egress or to enhance your view. The hammock promises a condensation-free experience down to 5° below, which raises the question, who the hell uses a hammock in the tundra? Damn hippies. $205
Dr-Cool-Wrap-Gear-Patrol Dr. Cool Recovery Wraps
Dr. Cool’s compression wraps are ready to do battle against injury with colorful, high-tech materials. These can be worn dry for ultimate joint support, but, as you probably guessed, they’re called cool for a reason: wet down the wrap and place it in the freezer for a bit, and Dr. Cool’s chemical-free fabric will retain the low temp for a long duration and laugh in the face of painful swelling the whole while. drcoolrecovery.com
Art-in-the-Age-x-Poler-Gear-Patrol Art In The Age x Poler Campvibes Cocktail Kit
Just because you’re roughing it in the wilderness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be drunk. This collaboration speaks to the modern camper’s imbibing necessity with a full cocktail set made for campfire life. Included in the kit: a flask, a couple mugs, a shaker, some extra goodies (like a t-shirt and notebook) and Pok Pok drinking vinegar — just choose your flavor. And it all comes in a perfectly-sized Poler Excursion Pack, which your kid could easily carry. $200
Ministry-of-Supply-Aviator-Pants-Gear-Patrol Ministry Of Supply Aviator Trousers
You have to dress it up a bit in the board room — no secret — but you want to be comfortable, confident and still look really, really ridiculously good. These pants are made with a rugged material that also features a bit of stretch, so they’re durable and will keep you cozy. Long inseams mean you can tailor a pair correctly, and the two fits — slim and standard — give hope to the skinniest of dudes. Best of all, there’s very clever, very subtle ventilation is all the right places. $118
Nikon-DF-DSR-Gear-Patrol Nikon Df
The Df is a throwback to those halcyon days decades ago when cameras sported dials and chrome and leather and other things that make us salivate. The 1.6-pound body houses a 16.2MP sensor with an ISO range that tops out at 12,800 but expands to 204,800. It’ll shoot at 5.5 fps and the optical viewfinder is ever so real (not that the 3.2-inch digital screen isn’t). The one thing this modern-meets-heritage model doesn’t have is video capability, but then again neither did your dad’s Nikon F. Of course there are many shooting modes, extras and countless accessories to be had, and should you want to bundle Nikon’s new 50mm f/1.8G lens with the body it’ll only cost a bit more. $2,750+