Your friend’s passport has addendum pages for the addendum pages and looks like Costanza’s wallet. It’s easier to count the countries he hasn’t visited than those he has. Travel-weary? Not a chance: this rolling stone likes to be moss-free, so we have the perfect collection of goods to keep your favorite road warrior in fightin’ trim. The tools below cover technology high and low, all to ensure the journey is every bit as enjoyable as the destination. The lucky recipient of your generosity will easily navigate airports, checkpoints (TSA or Syrian Free Army), and resort lobbies with aplomb, arriving refreshed and relaxed, ready for the work (and play) ahead.




Apply the Knowroaming sticker to a phone’s sim card, and said modified phone will automatically switch service to a local provider. A must-have for the international traveler, the chip saves up to 85% on standard international voice and data charges. Knowroaming automatically detects departure from the home country and switches to the local network on arrival; once applied, the sticker never needs to be removed.

Nikon 1 AW1


This shooter combines a superfast EXPEED 3A image-processing engine with a high speed AF CMOS sensor for a record-breaking continuous shooting rate of 15 fps. That doesn’t mean it’s fragile. No, the Nikon combines its speed with Mil Spec durability and waterproofing to 49 feet, and it’s compatible with a variety of NIKKOR lenses. All that in a compact size, vital for saving space in your luggage.

Wheelmen & Co. Folding Travel Kit


A quality Dopp kit separates the men from the boys, and this smart-looking offering from Wheelman & Co adds both form and function to the traveler’s toiletries. A quality construction of waxed canvas with clean lines allows this tri-folder to move seamlessly from the Ritz to Kabul.

Alfed Dunhill Suit Hanger


A fine suit deserves a fair handling, and Dunhill provides tailored goods with protective panache in a water-resistant, leather-trimmed fabric. A suit carrier may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but try making a credible pitch in a rumpled Brioni — your words are going as far as your first impression. This suit hangar, with its strong permanent internal hangar, will have your valued continent-hopper looking crisp on arrival.

Bellroy Travel Wallet


Bellroy’s feature-packed travel wallet holds all the dollars, dirham, dinar, dong and drahma one picks up. Even better, this slim billfold, fashioned of quality leather, holds a passport AND fits in pants pockets. An included refillable pen is perfect for custom forms when your Montblanc is somewhere in the overhead compartment.

Victorinox Wool Travel Blazer


When meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan on his home turf, a jacket’s mandatory, and a warm one is ideal. With this fashionable, three-button quilted-lining coat, you’ll preserve your sharp looks and your core temperature during the winter travel season. Even better, you’ll put those clichés about “sloppy Americans” to rest while wearing something that’s as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt.

Rimowa Salsa Air Multiwheel Suitcase


All the aforementioned travel items need a proper carriage, and this veritable steamer trunk comes equipped for self-portage. Light as its namesake (the air, not the salsa) and constructed of durable polycarbonite, the Salsa Air nimbly dances on four low-profile wheels. While we hesitate to throw down the gauntlet, even United luggage handlers would be challenged to damage this hard case.

Persol Folding PO 714 Sunglasses


Sunny in Seattle? Not likely. But having these folding spectacles at the ready will keep crow’s feet at bay should an unlikely ray poke through the gray. Regardless of where travels lead, channeling Mr. McQueen with these shades will always keep you cool.

Ursa Major Face Wipes


The grime, sweat and stench of a long day of travel are a distant second to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (think about that flat tire on the way to the airport). Still, the seasoned high-miler knows that looking good is feeling good, and Ursa Major’s face wipes bring bamboo fiber and natural ingredients to deep-cleansing hygiene on the go. The wipes remove dead skin, help clear blocked pores, and reduce significant other recoil after 20+ hours in coach.

iPad Mini Retina


That 20 hour long haul from New York to Singapore just got more bearable with a high-res Retina display powered by a blazing-fast A7 processor, the same one that graces the iPad Air. Movies, iOS apps, photos: time will, er, fly with the Mini for company. The 10-hour battery life gets you a lot of Angry Birds, or at least three movies. Please: no reptiles-on-a-plane themed ones.

Twelve South PlugBug World


To keep that Mini ticking anywhere in the world, the Plug Bug allows simultaneously MacBook and Mini or iPhone charging. With five snap-on international plugs, the power Apple user can tap into 10 watts of charging power in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan. The PlugBug World piggybacks off a MacBook Power Adapter, providing enough juice to fill an iPad four times faster than sipping from a MacBook directly.

Rapha City Guide Cycling Set


In 2012, European bike sales in Europe outpaced car sales. For travels to the Old World, arrive prepared to embrace the trend with these pocket-sized guides to the major cities, from Paris to Copenhagen. Each locally informed guidebook is illustrated by a local artist for a unique look. With one in hand, and the proper attire and accoutrements, you’ll bring a whole new impression to the continent.