Grammercy-Tavern-Cookbook-Gear-Patrol The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook
Danny Meyer’s award-winning NYC restaurant is known for its convivial atmosphere and, naturally, its excellent food. But we can think of another convivial place — can you guess? That’s right: your place. You’ve got such a convivial thing going on. And now, with this bound arsenal of 125 recipes (and photos from the Tavern’s 20-year history) from executive chef Michael Anthony you can capture the gloriously delectable Gramercy Tavern eats inside your very abode. $32
Metal-Shop-Brass-Cigar-Stand-Gear-Patrol Metal Shop Brass Cigar Stand
There aren’t many more obvious ways to proclaim you’re serious about cigars than a 3-pound, solid brass individual cigar stand and ashtray. In the interest of protecting your heirloom mahogany desk, the bottom is covered in leather, and engraving is available with your order. $150
Huckberry-x-Taylor-Stitch-Explorer-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Huckberry The Explorer Shirt
Granted, Vasco da Gama probably would’ve wrinkled his nose at this one, but if you’re ready to explore the Great Unknown (or just lounge in the, uhh, Great Known), you should be prepared with proper attire. This 10-ounce duck canvas shirt is made to be worn by adventurers and adventurers at heart. Inside is a special pocket marked with topographical lines to conceal a passport or other necessities you’ll need along the way. $125
Cloak-&-Dapper-Steel-Comb-Gear-Patrol Cloak & Dapper Stainless Steel Comb
Why? Because it’s not that dinky black plastic thing you bought at the drugstore. Because brushed the stainless steel and ergonomic design mean you’ll make that coif to look damn good and that you’ll look damn good while doing it. Because each one is laser cut. Oh, and because of the wonderful things it does to your appearance. $50
Twelve-South-BookBook-Travel-Journal-Gear-Patrol Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal
It’s neither a book nor a journal: discuss. Really, if you’re the type to hollow out an old book and stash — ahem — stuff inside, you’ll dig this approach to travel-friendly device management. It’s an iPad briefcase that stows and properly secures all the peripherals, chargers and accessories you’d need to set up shop somewhere remote. Likewise, if you’re a MacBook user, you’ll appreciate the same qualities — just pack it up, take off and look very studious all the while. $100
Nocs-Ns900-live-headphones-Gear-Patrol Nocs NS900 DJ Headphones
The titanium drivers in these spin-centric ‘phones are engineered to provide proper soundscapes even deep inside a lively club. A PVD-coated headband looks excellent; interchangeable cables provide multi-device capability; the earcups are comfortable enough to be worn all night; and interchangeable parts mean this pair will perform and last a great while. $250