Zero-SR-Electric-Motorcycle-Gear-Patrol Zero SR Electric Motorcycle
Electric cycles are awesome, sure, but some electric cycles are awesomer. Compared to the less balls-out Zero S, the SR boasts a larger, 660-amp motor that spins out 24% more power and 56% more torque — 106 lb-ft, to be exact. That translates to 100+ mph top speeds and a trip to 60 from a standstill in a scant 3.3 seconds…without burning a drop of dinosaurs.
ATS-Autosport-Gear-Patrol ATS Autosport
Originally formed in 1962 when a group of Ferarri employees became fed up with Enzo Ferarri’s difficult manner, ATS built lightweight competition sports cars for a brief period and then died out. It’s back now, offering two models — the Sport 1000, a track-ready, motorcycle-engine-powered racer, and the 1,433-pound 300 Leggera, which is modeled after small sports cars from the ’60s and houses a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder under the hood good for 200 horsepower and endless fun.
Sparse-Fixed-Bike-Lights-Gear-Patrol Sparse Fixed Bike Lights
Ditch the cheap-o plastic blinkers you picked up — they’re too easy to break and/or steal — and treat your two-wheeler to some premium hardware. These are framed in cast metal with double-lens, silicone-sealed gaskets that promise a long, dry lifetime of use. Headlights mount directly onto the front stem between spacers; rear lights clamps to the seat post and can only be removed if the seat is also taken off. LEDs (rechargeable via mini USB) maintain a four-hour charge and feature steady “on” and blink functionality. $140
Ducati-Monster-1200-Gear-Patrol Ducati Monster 1200
This third-generation Monster, introduced 20 years after the first Mostro debuted in Cologne, features an engine pulled from superbikes yet tuned for mid-level drivability. The 1200 features 8-stage traction control, ABS and Ride-by-Wire riding modes and weighs in at only 182kg dry.
ICON-E-Flyer-Electric-Bike-Gear-Patrol ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike
Just after the turn of the century men raced motorcycles on oval motordrome tracks made from wooden boards, ostensibly for fun and sport (but possibly because they each had an extreme death wish). Icon’s new E-bike, with classic lines and wheels that’ll go in sand, on the street or at the track, pays homage to those gutsy racers. If you’re feeling a little rebellious, switch the bike into “race mode” and blow past legal speed limits all day…or at least until the (estimated) 35 miles of range are up. $4,995
Nissan-BladeGlider-Concept-Gear-Patrol Nissan BladeGlider Concept
The Bladeglider, to be officially revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, is our kind of zero-emissions vehicle. In-wheel electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries motivate the rear wheels; due to its weight and design, the Bladeglider could actually suck down less juice than its lamer sibling, the Leaf EV. Scissor doors open to reveal a front-and-center driving position (whose seat moves laterally when either door is opened to ease egress and ingress) flanked in the rear by two passenger seats. The two front wheels are less than a meter apart, keeping drag low and balancing the car 30/70 front/rear. It all seems very sci-fi, but Nissan says the Bladeglider heralds things to come.