Dr-J-The-Autobiography-Gear-Patrol Dr. J: The Autobiography
Julius “Dr. J” Erving is, without doubt, one of the most influential ball players to ever touch a court. He spent his career dazzling spectators and players alike with groundbreaking dunk moves and won multiple championships, MVP awards and scoring titles in the ABA and the NBA. That’s Dr. J the athlete in a (super small) nutshell, but should you be curious about what Dr. J the man was like, this is his tell-all tome. $18
Alex-Mill-by-Alexander-Drexler-Gear-Patrol Alex Mill Clothing
If you’d like to dress like your son (okay, or vice versa), this line of button downs, t-shirts, jeans, accessories and more for both men and boys does a fine job representing the casual lifestyle, but also does heavy duty lifting: great care is taken in the construction of each garment, so your time spent hanging with your progeny can be as rambunctious as you please. alex-mill.com
Bose-Ae2W-Bluetooth-Headphones-Gear-Patrol Bose AE2w Headphones
The first foray into wireless headphones from Bose, the AE2w is like a mobile command unit for, well, your mobile device. They’ll connect to two devices at once via the handy attached Bluetooth device, meaning you can easily switch between your tunes and an incoming call without swapping your headgear. A 30-foot range, seven-hour battery life and standby time of 200 hours make them a solid go-to for the most prolific of listeners. How ironic will roaming charges be now, eh? $250
Red-Wing-Heritage-x-Askov-Finlayson-Gear-Patrol Red Wing Ice Cutter Boot
Okay, look. We see a lot of boots around here. Hell, we own a lot of boots. But these, as our grandfather would say, are “better than a kick in the ass with a frozen boot”. (Boot joke!) Seriously — these are ultra cool, and what every boot should strive to be: simple, handsome, very well made and very rugged. The originals used a chunky, tough sole to clamp onto ice (while it was being cut); the lining is wool; the boot is Otter Tail leather and naturally water resistant. We dare you to find anything better for a guy with two feet. $380
Maak-Lab-Cured-Soaps-Gear-Patrol Maak Lab Cured Soaps
These handmade bars are crafted in Portlandia by the people Fred Armisen portrays on television. They’re made from natural ingredients culled from only local farms and sustainable origins, and the scents are entirely plant-based, so you can smell like Portland every morning. $9+
Outlier-DoubleFine-Merino-Sweatpants-Gear-Patrol Outlier DoubleFine Merino Sweatpants
Using one of our favorite fibers, merino wool (which cools when it’s hot and warms you when it’s cold), Outlier has built the ultimate pair of sweatpants. They’ve got two hip pockets for storage and an elastic waistband so you’ll be always be comfortable; to keep the ends from going baggy and getting underfoot, each pair has a taller ankle cuff reminiscent of vintage sweats. $250