Paul-Evans-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Paul Evans Shoes
Many brands have proven that the Internet-based, direct-to-consumer market is a thriving place, popular because it provides consumers with high end products that aren’t marked up to cover brick-and-mortar store costs. Paul Evans believes that type of consumer should be literally well-heeled while saving a few bucks on what would normally be a very expensive endeavor. Their three styles — The Brando, The Cagney and The Grant — are as classy and elegant as their namesakes, and in the realm of French calfskin designer shoes, you’ll be hard pressed to beat their prices. $350
Mogo-Focal-Gear-Patrol Focal Mogo Mobile Seat
Your tailgate kit just gained a lot more room for beer. This single-leg collapsible stool weighs in at slightly over two pounds because it’s made of aluminum, but it’ll hold up to 200 pounds on its butt-shaped cup seat. When compacted, it’s no more than 18 inches long, and when extended the interchangeable base grips afford it stable purchase on a variety of surfaces. $100 ()
The-Filmmaker-Says-Quotes,-Quips,-and-Words-of-Wisdom-Gear-Patrol The Filmmaker Says
Filmmakers are an extraordinary bunch. They literally see things others cannot, but then make a bunch of other people put together the thing they saw so that a whole mess of other people will pay a lot of money to sit and see the thing. Can anyone exert as much influence? Who knows. Filmmaking greats since the dawn of movies have a lot more to say than the silver screen suggests, however, and this books sums up all their advice, aphorisms, wit and wisdom in one concise, compelling and, dare we say, inspiring volume. $11 ()
Joseph-Joseph-Complete-Carving-Set-Gear-Patrol Joseph Joseph Complete Carving Set
This set combines two products: a cleverly sheathed, yin-and-yang style carving set held together with magnets, and a trick cutting board that features a non-slip, studded and angled two-sided surface for easy carving. Just in time for the most chic Thanksgiving you done ever seen. $45
Raleigh-Denim-CPO-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Raleigh CPO Shirt
Having been promoted to Chief Petty Officer of Your Own Little World, it’s time to celebrate with a new uniform. This one’s perfect for you, fella. Fidelity, a Boston-based military goods supplier, paired with Raleigh to devise this shacket. With details like a lapel pin, button cuffs and flap pockets, the wool/nylon blend will keep you crisp-looking and toasty feeling through the cooler months. $210
Stone-Crime-and-Punishment-Gear-Patrol Stone Brewing Co. Crime And Punishment
These guys sure do think highly of themselves, the arrogant bastards. We suppose it’s deserved, especially after the release of these two brews. Crime was created when a blend of three established Stone Brewing Co. beers — together called Lukcy Bastartd [sic] Ale — were combined and then mixed with a mixed batch of fresh peppers, from mild to roaring hot. Punishment, a bitter, brutal beer, was infused with those same spicy scoundrels. Perfect for your next Brothers Karamazov party.