LifeStraw-GO-Gear-Patrol LifeStraw Go
This thing quite literally saves lives. Dispersed to victims of massive humanitarian disasters over the last 8 years, LifeStraw products have provided extremely unfortunate people one simple necessity: clean drinking water. The same tech found in those larger applications is available in a convenient water bottle form, even for those of us lucky enough to have normal access to good H20. If you’re out in the wild, dip your bottle in a stream, river, etc., drink through the straw (with built-in filter) and voila: crystal clear agua.
JAM-Splash-Shower-Speaker-And-Speakerphone-Gear-Patrol JAM Splash Shower Speaker And Speaker Phone
Name one thing that makes every shower better, and don’t say hot water (smart ass). Okay, yes, beer. But one other thing. That’s right: music. You know what else would improve just about any shower? Being able to take a call while you lather up. The eight-hour battery should last at least a couple days, depending on your playlist, and of course it utilizes the magic of Bluetooth, so your phone can stay at a dry, safe distance. $80
Belle-V-Ice-Cream-Scoop-Gear-Patrol Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop
No more using the big serving spoon to scrape bits of ice cream out for dessert — put a stop to the silverware insanity now and look into this ergonomic, physics-using, clever little scooper. The aluminum construction directs heat from your hand to the scoop, loosening your favorite fattener easily, and the shape of the scoop works with the force of your hand to dig out the right amount with minimal effort. Because you should be concerned about not exerting yourself when you eat ice cream. $27
Truman's-Grooming-Set-Gear-Patrol Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers
A gentleman shaves. He cleans his hair, and he styles it. Truman’s product line includes a simple shampoo that’s made of stuff that de-gunks, fights buildup and makes your scalp tingle. The shave cream protects and nourishes with essential oils, biomarine extracts (interesting) and proVitamins; and should you want textured, handsome, eye-catching follicular panache, the Finisher is right up your alley, applying perfectly and smelling just fresh enough to make you wink at yourself in the mirror. $45
Snow-Peak-Cups-Gear-Patrol Snow Peak Wooden Stacking Mugs
These Japanese-crafted stacking mugs aren’t anything like the porcelain “World’s Best Cad” number you’ve got perched on your desk. (Please wash it more often.) They’re gorgeous, and they stack for easy packing. Feel one with nature at the campsite (you are camping in nature, right?) and pour some open-fire-brewed Joe in these suckers the next time you hit the trail. $35+
Williams-Sonoma-Sous-Vide-Gear-Patrol Williams-Sonoma Casa Sous Vide Center
Yep, water-bath cooking. We know it took you a long time to master the whole George Foreman grill thing, but this is the pinnacle of kitchenry. We can’t explain to you how it works — there are books and, uhhh, entire schools for that sort of thing — but suffice it to say there are vacuum bags and convection currents at work. It’s the perfect at-home, countertop set up for your next soirée. $500