By A Hair Keep your famous hot dogs, Chicago. We’ve got the nation’s tallest building.
The Only Living Jew in Afghanistan At the turn of the 20th century, several thousand Jews lived in Afghanistan. Today, there is one.
The Vault Deep beneath Moscow’s subway lies a second series of tunnels
Mmmm…Fake Meat Did you know that alcohol was toxic? Neither did we. While new studies promise hangover cures, we’re still waiting on a cure for the McRib (if that didn’t fill you up, check out this more scholarly McRib article).
Why Are School Buses Yellow? Oh. In other, unrelated news, Toronto mayor Rob Ford is still a buffoon.
Good Reads Looking to cuddle up with a thought-provoking book this weekend? Reddit has you covered.
This Week in Gaming The next-gen console war is on! Though the PS4 came out today, several lucky reviewers got to test it early. Meanwhile, the Xbox One waits in the wings, guarded by sharks. Are we getting one to test in advance of its release next week?…yes.
Next Up, Skynet Remember when dial-up was considered fast? Soon you’ll gaze upon Wi-Fi with the same nostalgia.
Let’s Get it On Why do animals have sex? I mean, I understand why, but… why? Nautilus takes a stab at explaining the evolutionary biology behind the birds and bees.
Leon Leonwood Bean Selectism recently went to Freeport, Maine to get an inside look at the production of LL Bean Boots.
JFK This week, TIME released never-before-seen photos of JFK’s final minutes. Also this week, a former conspiracy theorist discusses why JFK conspiracy theories are dumb.
Watch Closely Hodinkee’s recap of Sunday’s insane Rolex Daytona auction. If you like expensive watches, this article about Cartier’s Tank Factory is also pretty cool.
Life in Technicolor Ever wondered what that famous Hindenburg photo would have looked like in color? Dana Keller brings old photos to life.