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Face Value: 6B MK1

November 19, 2013 Style By Photo by 6B
The beautiful strap is no coincidence.

If you’re a watch nerd, you might recognize the name Carl Evans. He’s the brains (and hands) behind British boutique watch strap brand GasGasBones. Like watch obsessives everywhere, Carl has dreamt for years of creating his own brand of watches. This year he’s finally done something about it. Informed by his 24 years of service in the Royal Air Force, Evans’s first release is a convincing pilot’s chronograph, the 6B MK1 ($2,575).

The MK1’s 44mm stainless case houses a trusty Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement; the strap is securely fastened with screws, and a flat sapphire crystal protects the matte black dial. There’s a tachymeter on the inner bezel for checking airspeed — or the speed of whatever trusty conveyance you happen to be piloting. White stick hands and dial markings make the whole business highly legible. There is no date, no display back, no nonsense; this is a true “everything you need, nuthin’ you don’t” pilot chrono. To top off the kit, 6B has included three straps: two GasGasBones leather offerings, in black and light brown, and a Phoenix NATO-style G10 in Admiralty Grey.

Everything is packaged in a unique leather storage wallet of 6B’s own design. It comes complete with a slide-out tray which holds the watch, all three straps and a Bergeon screwdriver for strap changes. No need to ransack the junk drawer looking for your micro multi-tool. Should you decide you don’t need to store your watch because, you know, you’re wearing it, you can use the wallet to store your phone, Field Notes or anything else that will fit.

6B has gone out of their way to give this whole package a genuine military feel. Turns out you don’t need to fly the RAF’s Jaguars and Tornados to be issued this kind of gear. You just need to contact Carl. Hurry though — this is a limited edition of 20 watches.

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