We laud the rise of American manufactured goods, especially the ones that speak to individualism, quality and good old fashion craftsmanship. We also love a good laugh. That’s why The Re Made American Master Plunger is 100% unclogged goodness. The quite obvious dig at one of our favorite American purveyors, Best Made Co., puts its crosshairs directly on their recent American Felling Axe video. A Faux-artisan and video comedian who is clearly not Best Made Co’s Peter Smith-Buchanan spends three minutes and eighteen seconds focused on a corner hardware store bottom-rung toilet plunger and proceeds to extol the wonders it “unleashes”. It’s nearly a shot-for-shot remake of Best Made Co.’s video. Everything that American craftsmen — a lot of them, and not just Best Made Co. — capitalize on in marketing today, including “vintage” footage, an appropriately rustic office, a spiritual connection to an otherwise utilitarian product, and a winter hat worn indoors make their way into this piece of precious parody. You’ll never look at your plunger the same way again.