Meridian-Amp-Gear-Patrol Meridian Prime Headphone Amp
Meridian’s newest audio toy will please headphone jockeys everywhere: with both digital and analog inputs, the tiny Prime does double duty. It’ll function as a headphone amplifier or a preamplifier should it connect directly into speakers or active speakers. Prime boasts 24 bit/192kHz native conversion capacity, a 6-layer PC board, direct-coupled outputs and much more. $2,000
stance-socks-gear-patrol Stance Socks
Stance refers to themselves as “The Uncommon Thread”, and they’re right — their goods are not common socks. Crazy patterns and designs add some serious flair to your ankle regions, but each pair also happens to be constructed to fit and last. With dress, casual and active styles available, you’ve got zero excuse to keep wearing that Swiss-cheese-lookin’ pair from college graduation day. $12+
Recycled-Tiles-Gear-Patrol Fireclay Tile CRT Monitor Coasters
Ah, the good old days, when a falling television meant almost certain death. Heavy, clunky and so wonderfully nostalgic, CRT monitors and TVs are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good — not if Fireclay has anything to do with it. Thanks to an already generously funded Kickstarter, they’ll be churning out 100 percent recycled CRT glass tiles — 2×8-inchers and small round mosaics — made from crushed, melted and lightly dyed former displays. Sport the smoky, yester-tech look on your kitchen backsplash and remember the good old days. $25
Porsche-Macan-Compact-SUV-Gear-Patrol Porsche Macan Compact SUV
If Porsche’s Cayenne SUV seemed at first a wild departure from their uniformly small sports car heritage, the Macan represents a step back toward their roots. If its size doesn’t convince you, the two gas V6 engines — a 340-horse 3-liter for S models and a 400-horse 3.6-liter twin turbo for…Turbo models — might do the trick. All-wheel-drive capable of routing 100 percent power to either axle and a dual-clutch transmission put the power down to the tune of 4.6 seconds to 60 mph in the Turbo. With sporting suspension pieces, the Macan will boast superb handling, and since apparently people want to take Porsches off-road, it’ll be capable there too. Too many details to list — just go pester your local dealership this coming spring. $52,000+ (est.)
Penfield-x-Tenue-de-Nimes-Hoosac-Mountain-Parka-Gear-Patrol Penfield x Tenue de Nîmes Hoosac Mountain Parka
This collaboration churned out the “ultimate” hooded parka: a down-filled cotton and nylon shell, a chambray lining, three colors (navy, black and khaki) and exclusivity. Only 100 of each color will be made, and they’ll go fast because the coat is awesome. $484
Ring-Pencil-Holder-Gear-Patrol Leibal Matt Ring and Oval Paper and Pen Holders
You’ve been looking for desk pizazz, that little extra flair that shows your coworkers you can be a fun guy when you’re not crunching through maddening spreadsheets and dabbing at coffee stains on your new shirt. These desktop accessories have you covered (not in java, thankfully). Circular in design, the pen and pencil holder props up your writing implements with gusto; the ovoid paper holder will keep notebooks and whatnot ready for the grabbing; both provide just enough whimsy to keep you smiling after the last breakroom donut is gone. $45