Doxie-Flip-Mobile-Scanner-Gear-Patrol Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner
Perfect for all you Scanners out there, this book-sized device is ready to capture 4×6 600dpi images of anything you can get your hands on — notes on napkins, sketches, photographs, articles, you name it. The flip part especially comes in handy, as you simply remove the cover, flip the thing over and scan upside down for a perfect image every time. It’s see-through too, so lining up edges is a snap; batteries and an SD memory make it quite portable. $150
The-Southerner's-Handbook-the-Guide-to-Living-the-Good-Life-Gear-Patrol The Southerner’s Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life
Curated by editors of Garden & Gun, this collection of essays about life in the modern South offers instruction and insight to tutor readers in the hopes they’ll live a more genteel existence, ya hear? Tips on seersucker suiting, biscuit making and more from VIPs of the lower states make up the 100 entries, with a special appearance by a favorite humorist of ours, Roy Blount, Jr. $17
Native-Union-Monocle-Gear-Patrol Native Union Monocle
This device may look like just a mere phone peripheral — a speaker for your smaller soirèes — but it’s much more. A nylon cord integrated microphone allows the thing to easily double as a speakerphone, and you can even hold it to your ear to utilize its handset function. The mini-USB-chargeable pod is available in flashy, fun colors, but there’s also a black, spun aluminum special edition. $50
Sportsman-WV850-H.O.-With-TERRAINARMOR-Gear-Patrol Sportsman WV850 H.O.
Polaris is no stranger to badass all-terrain vehicles, but their latest military-grade ATV shows off some some Batman-level tech. The non-pneumatic (NPT) tires on this beast are honeycombed structures of rolling fortitude — no flats, able to take a .50 caliber bullet and keep trucking — but let’s hope you don’t have to deal with more than a little mud every now and then. $14,999
Motion-Synth-Gear-Patrol AUUG Motion Synth
The Motion Synth is a technologically vibrant, handheld exercise in modern music production. Using a special handgrip and overlay case (essentially created “keys” on your iPhone screen), users manipulate the phone and app using their fingers and the device’s placement in space to play notes, alter pitches and control sounds and visuals in dynamic ways. The video is worth a look for the primer alone, and if you’re into making music you might find yourself funding something entirely new (or doing your best Jimmy Page impression. $68+
Jaguar-F-Type-Coupe-Gear-Patrol Jaguar F-Type Coupe
It had been a while since Jaguar made truly sexy, truly sporting cars. There were variants over the last few decades that came close, but until its recent endeavors in the sport sedan and sports car market, it had generally only been the timeless XKE that held up their sporting cred. The F-Type changed that with its wildly popular and alluring convertible last year, but this coupe boosts the line to an entirely new level of desire. Three iterations, including S and R models, up the ante (The R has a 550-horsepower supercharged V8 and hits 60 in 4 seconds, for instance) and tempt us to say Jaguar’s back in full force. Long live the XKE — but the F-Type has our attention. $65,000+