When the Porsche Cayenne SUV took front and center for the Stuttgart automaker in 2002, Porsche purists had exhaust coming out of their ears. A Porsche SUV? The move, at least to them, was tantamount to putting a plaid shirt, leather suspenders and hiking boots on Gisele Bündchen. But the Cayenne turned into Porsche’s biggest seller, providing much-needed funding for more ambitious projects like the 918 hybrid supercar and international racing endeavors. Well, Porsche’s doing it again with the 2015 Porsche Macan ($52,000-$62,000).


The Macan (its name means “tiger” in Indonesian) gives Porsche a serious contender in the small performance cross-over wars. Just like all of Porsche’s cars, the primary focus has been squarely placed driving experience; the Macan’s taken clear design and technical cues from the 911 and the Cayenne. Even if they had called it the Cajun — its original namesake — we’d have plenty of reason for excitement. To see all the details of this new German mini-ute, check out the breakdown.