The mere mention of the Porsche name invokes powerful emotions. That’s largely because the thoroughly Deutsch Autos strike a transparent, direct connection between scintillating automotive engineering and unadulterated rushes of adrenaline. Porsches represent some of the best autodom has to offer from just about any generation in vehicular history; the brand is, after all, in the business of producing cars that thrill the driving senses.

For these reasons, narrowing down the best Porsches in history is a daunting and pleasurable task, similar to running through a cascade of single malt whiskies to select a mouthful of your favorites. Unless you make the mistake of choosing the embarrassing 914 or 924 (easy, haters), you’re likely to land on a truly fantastic automobile. After much debate, we’ve settled on the 10 greatest of all time. The final litmus test, we decided, was this: Is owning this vehicle akin to receiving a kiss from the car gods right on your petrol-lovin’ lips? A difficult prerequisite, but then again, this is Porsche we’re talking about.


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