Dare-2-B-jacket-Gear-Patrol Dare 2B Time Keeper Ski Jacket
Uhhhhh, guys? It’s cold. Sure, the Solstice is a month away, but it’s not exactly the most reliable date on record, and waiting to bundle up until it’s literally winter won’t serve you well. English brand Dare 2B proudly boasts their Time Keeper jacket, and for good reason. We’ve found it to be warm as hell, even when not on the slopes. High loft polyester insulation keeps heat in; waterproof, 4-way stretch fabric keeps wet out; vents keeps you temperate; a plethora of pockets mean your ski pass and flask always have homes. $163
Killspencer-Wallets-Gear-Patrol Killspencer Bridle Wallets
Killspencer, those hewers of lust-worthy tacti-cool duffels and cases, have expanded their line of products with a new wallet collection. Ranging from card cases to wallets to passport cases, all are made with bridle leather and sport the reserved aesthetic of the brand. So bust out your old velcro job one final time and rein in one of these guys. $109+
Nike-Lunar-One-Shot-Gear-Patrol Nike SB Lunar One Shot
Nike’s latest skate shoe launch looks like a fly skate shoe; that’s because it is a fly skate shoe, though it also happens to sport some killer tech advances. Boarding pros Sean Malto and Shane O’Neill helped develop these kicks, which are ready to perform right out of the box thanks to a special padded heel pocket and two-piece construction. They’ll hit stores the day after Xmas. nike.com
Stellavie-Gear-Patrol Stellavie The Northern and Southern Sky Prints
Astronomy is, debatably, the oldest science; we humans have been fascinated by the skies since we’ve, well, been, and rightfully so — is anything more mind-altering, terrifying and truly awesome than the heavens above? You’ll be able to gaze at the stars day in and out with these meter-tall prints of the colossal hemispheres above our heads, done in a rather tasteful espresso color. $204
Oyo-Mountain-Products-Gear-Patrol OYO Mountain Products
From the people who brought you Topo Designs comes OYO Mountain Products. With a brand-wide eye for mixing vintage influence, modern design and a healthy dose of color, the OYO product lineup is infused with the right stuff. Look your best at the summit with OYO, boyo. oyomountain.com
Smari-Yoghurt-Gear-Patrol Smari Icelandic Yogurt
If you like ’em thick and rich, Smari has you covered (though we suggest ingesting rather than literally slathering it on yourself). Theirs claims to be thicker and more protein-packed (20g per serving) than any other yogurt in the USA — they strain most of the water away after packing four cups of whole milk into each cup of the organic, fat-free Icelandic stuff. smariorganics.com