A Toast to...

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is sometimes one of those holidays so fraught with stress we wonder why the hell we don’t just head somewhere warm and spend our days sipping something with a novelty umbrella in it. Without fail, there will always be at least one less seat than you need on your flight home, at least one utterly awful dish, and at least one imbibing family member who ends up somewhere between Winston Churchill and mid-‘90s Robert Downey Jr.

But we all still do it. No ticket to Hawaii.

Think hard enough about your last Thanksgiving and there might just be a couple — or maybe a lot — of moments where things were really great. Maybe it was that *cough* perfect turkey, maybe it was the impromptu talent show put on by the kids table, or arguing about “Who invaded Spain in the 8th century” during the annual Trivial Pursuit game. However trite it may sound, it’s these moments that make everything else worth it. So to everyone suffering through extended-family prodding or poultry that’s less than savory: hang in there and be glad you avoided the urge to walk past your gate and hop a plane to Kauai. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as the fracas that’s going on at home.

From all of us at Gear Patrol: Happy Thanksgiving.