Soma-For-Charity-Water-Limited-Edition-FIlter-Gear-Patrol Soma For Charity Limited Edition Filter
Now that you and yours have emptied every last jug of wine and case of beer within three counties of your house (how else could you enjoy the Thanksgiving Day game and tolerate Aunt Tabitha?), it’s time to shift focus to hydration and giving; after all, ’tis the season. Soma, makers of our favorite water filter, have introduced limited edition carafes that are not only gorgeous but also altruistic. For each filter bought, $12.50 will be donated to a charity: they’ve chosen three Cambodian villages to support, and the goal is provide clean water for all of them this season, so give ’em a hand. $49+
Philip-Starck-Netatmo-Smartphone-Controlled-Thermostat-Gear-Patrol Netatmo Smartphone Controlled Thermostat By Philippe Starck
The whole family is at your folks’ house for the holiday weekend, and while it’s been mostly fun and sentimental, a constant bone of contention is the house temperature: some like it hot, etc. Your dad, however, likes it just right, and with this device he’ll always have his way, no matter how often granny cranks the heat. It’s tech fit for design kings and tech nerds alike — connect it to the smartphone or tablet app and monitor temperatures remotely; it’ll work with any type of heating system, monitor activity in the home and adjust itself accordingly in order to save on energy costs (and keep pops sane and smug).
Monsters--The-1985-Chicago-Bears-and-the-Wild-Heart-of-Football-Gear-Patrol Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football
Whether or not your team won or lost the big showdown yesterday, can we all agree that football is, like, really awesome? Case in point: the ’85 Chicago Bears. A team full of colorful characters and phenomenal athletes, that Super-Bowl-winning team is the stuff of legends. This is the story of the mid-Eighties-vintage Bears that you’ll enjoy this day after Turkey Time, Chicago fan or not. $16
Grill-Daddy-Kong-Tong-Gear-Patrol King Tong Pro
You’re always on fire duty when you’re home for holidays (a self-imposed position, and we don’t blame you), but this year you’d like to keep your fingertips intact. Move around logs and “hot objects” with ease and safe style with this thing, which could also easily double as a supervillain’s weaponized appendage in your nephews’ annual post-dinner brawl. $45
Baxter-of-California-Vitamin-Cleansing-Bars-Gear-Patrol; Baxter Of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar Set
Whenever you finally emerge from your food coma — be it early morning (how?!), midday (expected) or next week sometime (we’re jealous) — you’ll want to scrub yourself clean with something a little extra. These soap bars from Baxter come in three scents: Bergamot and Pear, Italian Lime and Pomegranate and Flora and Cassis. Each bar is also infused with Vitamins A and E, aloe and seaweed and a colorful strip of glycerin. They’ll hydrate, re-health-ify and deodorize you just enough for hitting the leftovers in a civilized manner. $42
Goruck-Little-Gear-Patrol GORUCK Shoulder Bags
After over a year of development and 25 prototypes (which is how long it feels like we had to wait for turkey yesterday), these two bags are finally a reality. Cordura, water-resistant fabrics and two sizes round out the lineup, but a heavily-protected laptop compartment means you can go ruck yourself just about anywhere and keep your tech in tact. $195+

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