Modern Master The Atlantic does a great photo-retrospective of one of the 20th century’s greatest Architects, Eero Saarinen
Books and Beer Bibliophiles, rejoice! The world’s most expensive book went on sale this week. Beer geeks, also rejoice! An extremely rare beer also went on sale. An ongoing feud about a might-be Jackson Pollock is also raising questions on how to authenticate some modern art. All of which makes you wonder: why is art so expensive?
Marijuana Grows In 2014, the legalization lobby is expanding their ambitions. And if you haven’t bothered waiting for legality: here are some nuts photos of snowflakes.
Disney for Plebians Cementland! Party time! Come to Cementland and play on cement! Woo! At least it’s better than Gulliver’s Kingdom.
Y’all Remember My Name Now, Hear? Vice found the real Walter White in Alabama.
Pretty Sneaky Arnon Milchan. Producer of Fight Club and Pretty Woman. Great guy. Israeli spy.
Hah! You got your shoes from London and shirts from Naples and thought you were set? The chaps at A Continuous Lean shed some light on Japanese socks, and why you’re a fool to wear anything else.
Who Cares? It’s GQ‘s 25 Least Influential People of the Year
Nolan Likes Bacon How Francis Bacon inspired Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.
Not the Self Publishing Service Heard of Lulu? It’s an app that allows women to rate men like restaurants. Now, you can opt out. In case you needed anymore reason, here’s the self-righteous message that pops up right before you can remove yourself: “Just so we understand: we’re offering you access to more than one million girls – girls who are here specifically to look at you, talk about you, and give you attention – and you’re not interested. You have better things to do. You’d rather be somewhere else. We get it. Really. That doesn’t sound crazy at all.” Yikes.
Manna The latest diet fad: using the Lord’s strength to avoid Twinkies.