Joey-Roth-Bluetooth-Receiver-Gear-Patrol Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers & Subwoofer with Bluetooth Receiver
What makes a great set of speakers even better? Fewer cables. Thanks to a new Bluetooth receiver, the tangle behind Joey Roth’s gorgeous set of ceramic speakers just got a whole lot cleaner. The best part? The receiver streams audio at up to 96KHz, 24 bit, using Bluetooth 4 and the aptX Lossless codec, meaning that the audio quality is indistinguishable from a wired connection when playing with high quality FLAC or AAC files.
Bentley-the-Book-Gear-Patrol Bentley The Book
If you’re a car nut looking for a special treat or you drew the name of someone automotively inclined in the annual gift exchange, shop no more. Whether he can afford one or not, any car dude worth his motor oil knows that Bentleys are pristine, handmade rolling wonders of steel, leather, wood and power. This is the story of a company who wins Le Mans and shuttles the wealthiest of the wealthy in style and luxury. $125
VSCO-Cam-For-Android-Gear-Patrol VSCO Cam For Android
Your wait is over, Android-holdout photographers: VSCO Cam, the excellent interface for snapping, adjusting, filtering and sharing on-the-go pictures has launched for your devices. Now you can go lens-to-lens with your iPhone counterparts in the ever-raging cyber battle of whose breakfast can look more vintage. Free
Knob-Creek-Gear-Patrol Knob Creek Custom Bottle Labels
Turning traditional gender roles on their head is cool, but every now and then it’s nice to slip back into old school, textbook guy-ness; case in point, the custom Knob Creek bottle label. Nothing to wrap — it’s already in a bottle — and no cards to buy — it’s already on the bottle. It’s a typical male gift fantasy, and we couldn’t be more on board.
Man-Cave-Grooming-Products-Gear-Patrol Man Cave Grooming Products
Guys, natural skin care — stuff that’s free of gross dyes and chemicals — is a healthy idea, and it doesn’t have to be girly. In fact, natural skin (and hair) care can be quite masculine. Man Cave’s line of products ranges from gentle face wash to caffeine-infused shampoo to a thick and rich facial moisturizer and beyond; each is made with natural stuff and it all works like a charm. There are handy gift packs available too, so you don’t have to parse through products à la carte. $9+
Voxan-Wattman-Electric-Motorcycle-Gear-Patrol Voxan Wattman Electric Motorcycle
Batman is mostly concerned with fighting crime and corruption in Gotham City and rounding up the loonies formerly held captive at Arkham. But if he were an environmentalist, or just really good friends with Captain Planet, he’d hop on Voxan’s 200-horsepower electric motorcycle and whisper through the streets, growling at bad guys all the while. The 240mm rear tire puts the power down, scooting this bike to 60 MPH in 3.4 seconds; its 12.8kWh battery will travel for 180 miles on a charge, and it takes only 30 minutes to juice it back up via a regular wall socket once drained.