Brut-New-Scents-Gear-Patrol New Brut Scents
Your granddad swore by his Brut products — old standbys, unchanged and reliable for years and years (over 40, actually). Now Brut is launching new scents and a new, modern look. Black Ice, an ambery and aromatic scent, will launch alongside the spicy, grapefruity Blue Wave in January, but worry not — Brut Classic will still be around for gramps.
NOMOS-Glashuette-for-Wempe-Gear-Patrol NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit 5th Avenue for Wempe
Fine watches have been fashioned in the German town of Glashütte for over 160 years, and Nomos is one of our favorite newer brands carrying the region’s horological torch. Their new Zürich Weltzeit 5th Avenue pays homage to New York City and Zürich — two cities as stunning and artful as a fine timepiece. Only 100 of these beauties will be produced, so delay not.
Acre-Hydration-Packs-Gear-Patrol Acre The Hauser Hydration Pack
It’s a healthy choice to stay hydrated, especially if you’re embarking on some sort of physically challenging biking/hiking/et cetera endeavor. This weatherproof 14-liter hydration pack boasts four pockets for stowing gear, a removable toolkit and a main compartment that’s protected from infiltration by a sturdy roll-top. Most any hydration pack up to three liters will fit inside, so your whistle may always be wet. $205
Mission-Workshop-Zurich-Softshell-Hoodie-Gear-Patrol Mission Workshop Zurich Softshell Hoodie
The four-way stretch nylon shell of this form-fitting hoodie hides a soft Merino lining that, as you know, naturally wicks moisture away, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable as hell. The shell is treated with water repellent and includes two front hand warmer pockets along with a rear zippered pocket for a little extra utility. $365
2015-Ford-Mustang-Gear-Patrol 2015 Ford Mustang
The anticipation has nearly killed us, but the 2015 Mustang is finally here. It’s lower and wider than outgoing models (handling! interior room!) and the fastback coupe looks slick as hell. All models will get functional hood vents and the corporate trapezoidal grille up front. But the real news is behind the grille: the V6 and V8 engines carry over with a slight bump in power, but the 2.3-liter turbo-four EcoBoost will pump out over 300 horses and just as many lb-ft of torque. Six-speed manual transmissions and six-speed autos (with real paddle shifters!) will be offered, along with upgraded brakes and a fully independent suspension (say what you will) with driver-adjustable settings. The list goes on, so stay tuned.
Cree-LED-75-watt-Replacement-Bulb-Gear-Patrol Cree 75-Watt LED Replacement Bulb
Cree’s latest bulb is a direct replacement for the 75-watt energy drains you’ve got installed in your house. Using over 80 percent less energy — 13.5 watts — these bulbs also last 25 times longer than your current electricity gulpers, and a 10-year warranty guarantees you’ll never install another power-sucker ever again. $24