iHealth-Scale-Gear-Patrol iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale
Using only weight to assess your overall health is like tracking mileage in your car to assess whether you need a new radiator — it’s not enough info. Thankfully, the streamlined iHealth wireless body analysis scale measures nine components such as body weight, bone mass and something called visceral fat rating (which we imagine is like this). Use the app on your phone to chart and record your measurements so you can prove the weight you’ve gained really has been muscle mass, just like you tell your coworkers. $110
Westerlind-Red-Hip-Flask-Gear-Patrol Westerlind Red Hip Flask
Next time you need to haul some booze with you on an outdoor adventure you could do worse than this crimson container. It’ll hold 11 fluid ounces of hooch, and you’ll be able to spot it in your pack right quick for emergency boozing on the fly. $35
Mercy-Hangover-Cure-Gear-Patrol Mercy Hangover Prevention
In college you could just pop four ibuprofen, chug a fluorescent energy drink and bop around campus with a spring in your step and nary a cloudy thought. But now you’re an adult; you plan for the worst, and the worst — the epic old guy hangover — is awful. Mercy is a night-before remedy with no caffeine, which means you can rest easy and wake refreshed. The stuff’s been clinically tested to beat hangover symptoms, utilizing a concoction of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and supplements to restore the deficiencies you rack up while swilling firewater, which your brain and body will appreciate the morning after. $14+
Rumpl-Blankets-Gear-Patrol Rumpl Blankets
Puffy jackets and synthetic technical apparel do wonders, warmth-wise. Certainly they’ve come a long way from our ancestors’ then-innovative cover-yourself-with-a-dead-thing technique. So why limit those materials to jackets and the like? Rumpl blankets use breathable rip-stop with bacteria- and stain-resistant DWR coating. The things are stuffed with a down-like synthetic fill, meaning the whole blanket is washable. They’re handsome, with a wavy, nature-inspired pattern, and are light and compact enough to stuff into the included nylon pack. What began as a Kickstarter has rocketed to success, so get onboard and outfit yourself with any size, from throw on up to king. $68