Mizzen-And-Main-Perfect-Henley-Gear-Patrol Mizzen+Main Cayuga Perfect Henley
The Henley is comfy, warm, stylish, stands alone or layers — things could hardly get better. Hardly, that is, until you come across what is literally the Perfect Henley. “But what’s in a name?”, you ask. “Ah, but what is in this Henley?”, we counter. Moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free fabric, loop-and-button sleeve rolling tabs, all entirely American made. And each sale benefits wounded veterans and their families — practically perfect in every way, eh? $58
ArkPak-Gear-Patrol ArkPak
A 12V battery (nearly any type you choose to use — say a deep-cycle marine or RV battery) is at the heart of this remote power plant. In addition to the battery power itself, the thing operates as a 120V AC inverter, a solar-power station and a 12V DC power source. $399
Gold-Lightning-Sync-Cable-Gear-Patrol Woodford Designs Gold Lightning Sync Cable
You’re the one who ran out to get a champagne-colored Instagram machine. So instead of complaining that the standard white iPhone cable doesn’t fit in with the color scheme, do something about your new look — unify it. Bling it. This meter-long Lightning sync cable is, like many (but not all) things that glitter, gold. Of course, it’ll charge your newer iPad as well, so now you might have to get that thing plated to match. $25
Hard-Graft-Box-Kit-Gear-Patrol Hard Graft Box Kit
There just plain isn’t a more stylish, masculine way to contain small items than a felt-lined, leather box with buckle closure. Cables, writing utensils, electronics, whatever; put it on your desk, your bookshelf, in the car, wherever. Just get used to people wanting to touch and stare at any items you ensconce in this box — if only to dump out the contents and steal the thing for themselves. $246