Revo-Super-Signal-Gear-Patrol Revo SuperSignal Bluetooth Radio
We imagine Don Draper would drool over the design of this device. It’s a multifunction radio, meaning it jibes with DAB and DAB+ broadcasts, FM signals and RDS protocols. But it’s a Bluetooth receiver as well, so you can easily stream music from most any device; and, since it utilizes aptX tech, that streamed audio will be CD quality. American walnut, aluminum and steel ensconce an OLED display and envelop a 10W driver that cranks da bass. $294
Everlane-Brown-Suede-Weekender-Gear-Patrol Everlane Suede Weekender
Everlane’s popular and affordable weekender duffel has a new hide. The water-resistant suede exterior of this new version looks at once classy and rugged, but retains the utility and dimensions of the original. Fixed leather straps keep things at hand while a khaki twill lining coddles your stuff, and metal stud feet ensure stable purchase on the train platform, in the overhead bin or on the back seat. $180
Modernist-Cuisine-eBook-edition-Gear-Patrol Modernist Cuisine E-book
This is a one-stop digital shop (well, book) for cooks who want to go the extra mile. The e-book version of Modernist Cuisine includes scads of new photos, 260 new recipes and a multitude of instructional videos. The recipe database is searchable by ingredient, difficulty, etc., and there’s even a yield converter should you be expecting more guests than a single dish would serve. You’ll be able to create shopping lists, make notes in the margins and sync between all your devices, too. $80 ()
Glenmorangie-1963-Single-Malt-Scotch-Whisky-Gear-Patrol Glenmorangie 1963 Vintage Single Malt Whisky
1963: The Vietnam War raged overseas, Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of his world-altering dream, JFK was assassinated, the Beatles cut their first album and Glenmorangie put some booze in barrels and let it age. Distilled 50 years ago and left to mature in sherry casks until its bottling in 1987, this Scotch was thought to have been drunk long ago, but we’re quite happy to announce Glenmorangie has unearthed — and relabeled (in .925 solid silver) — 50 more bottles. It’s smooth, it’s smoky, it’s sweet and rich and colored beautifully. It’s the closest thing, perhaps, to truly feeling part of the vaunted Sixties. And if you’re the auction type, one of the bottles can be yours. The bidding is over at week’s end, and (at time of publication) you’ll have to shell out four grand for the pleasure of entering the next bid. Proceeds from the sale will benefit American Forests (so that more barrels can be made, and, consequently, more lush spirits can be bottled for your grandkids to bid on). Est. Value: $2,700