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Patchwork Season: Stylish Quilted Vests to Layer (or Not)

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The most comfortable way a man can show off his biceps in the fall and winter is to wear a warm vest and no shirt. Of course there are other reasons to don a sleeveless torso shade. Whether worn as a supplement to a wintry getup or solo, a vest (née gilet) can be as much a functional part of a man’s wardrobe as it can be a fashionable one. Famous men have sported vests throughout history; and if you’re hoping to join the thorax-and-abdomen club, you could do worse than the best quilted vests around.

A quilted vest really does wonders, especially for those of us (everyone?) who don’t need sun-level warmth every time the air gets a bit brisk — it seems some folks jump straight from shirtsleeves to parkas when the autumn leaves begin to fall. No, vests are for those in-between days, the time when one extra layer over a thick sweater, a mug of hot cider and the company of a loved one is all we need to keep warm during a stroll through the park. But even when the atmosphere turns up the a/c, a vest beneath your overcoat does wonders; after all, ’tis the season to layer and layer some more. We’ve rounded up the best quilted vests — each fashionable and cozy in its own right — so you don’t have to stress about shopping or worry that your going sans sleeves might go awry.

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