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Stocking Stuffers: In And Around The House


Editor’s Note: The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Now what the hell are you gonna put in there? Ah, stocking stuffers — the little things, the extras, the last minute goodies, the fun gifts. They’re as enjoyable to give as they are to receive. Thing is, there’s an endless supply of stocking-size gifts under $100, and picking up the right ones can be a little daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best affordable home and living gifts under $100 to please anyone on your list. Need more ideas? Check out all of our Stocking Stuffer Guides.

Bottle-Opener-Gear-Patrol Magnetic Bottle Opener
Because you’ve got beer to drink. $49
Juniper-Ridge-Big-Sur-Cabin-Spray-Gear-Patrol Juniper Ridge Big sur Cabin Spray
Because your home could smell like a glamp site. $65
New-York-Times-Taschen-Gear-Patrol New York Times x Taschen 36 Hours
Because you know less about traveling than Clark Griswold does. $35
Slingshot-Coffee-Coldbrew-Gear-Patrol Slingshot Coffee Co. Cold Brew And Concentrate
Because it’s more than just cold coffee. $12
West-Elm-Apotheke-Charcoal-Liquid-Soap-Gear-Patrol Apotheke Charcoal Liquid Soap
Because the briquettes hurt too much. $22
L.L.-Bean-Washable-Wool-Throw-Gear-Patrol L.L. Bean Washable Wool Throw
Because whole sheep don’t fit in the dryer. $89
ObviousState-Literary-Greeting-Cards-Gear-Patrol ObviousState Literary Greeting Cards
Because pictures say a thousand words, but pithiness says the perfect amount. $18
Schoolhouse-Electric-Hand-Dust-Pan-And-Brush-Set-Gear-Patrol Schoolhouse Electric Hand Dust Pan And Brush Set
Because crumbs are how we get ants. $30
Lifts-And-Bounds-Archival-Collection-Gear-Patrol Lifts & Bounds Archival Collection
Because art should be tasteful and make you seem awesome. $110
Allied-Maker-Leather-Extension-Cord-Gear-Patrol Allied Maker Leather Extension Cord
Because if you’re going to trip over something, trip in style. $39
Simple-Human-Compact-Sensor-Pump-Gear-Patrol Simple Human Compact Sensor Pump
Because you don’t go to soap; soap comes to you. $35
Justin-Capp-Natural-Slate-Coasters-Gear-Patrol Justin Capp Natural Slate Coasters
Because they’ll save you a lot of grief. $8
BlueLounge-Sanctuary4-Charging-Station-Gear-Patrol BlueLounge Sanctuary4 Charging Station
Because your false e-idol needs its own house of worship. $100
Belkin-WeMo-Switch-Gear-Patrol Belkin WeMo Switch
Because you forgot to turn on the Christmas Tree again. $40
The-Great-American-Hangar-Company-Suit-Hangars-Gear-Patrol The Great American Hangar Company Suit Hangars
Because wire hangars are for unlocking your car (idiot). $48